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Troubleshooting And Customer Information - Electrolux Z2306 Operating Instructions Manual

Electrolux vacuum cleaner owner's manual
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The vacuum cleaner does not start
1 Check that the cable is connected to the mains.
2 Check that the plug and the cable are not damaged.
3 Check for a blown fuse.
The vacuum cleaner stops
1 Check whether the dustbag is full. If so, replace it with a
new one.
2 Is the nozzle, tube or hose blocked?
3 Are the filters blocked?
Water has entered the vacuum cleaner
It will be necessary to replace the motor by an authorised
Electrolux service engineer.
Damage to the motor caused by the penetration of water is
not covered by the warranty.
Customer Information
Electrolux decline all responsibility for all damages arising
from any improper use of the appliance or in cases of tam-
pering with the appliance. This product is designed with the
environment in mind. All plastic parts are marked for recy-
cling purposes. For futher details see our website:
For repairs or accessories, contact the Electrolux Group
Floorcare Helpline on 08706 055 055.
If you have any comments on the cleaner or the Instructions
for Use booklet please e-mail us at:



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