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DOD FX96 Instruction Booklet

Analog delay.
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A Harman International Company

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    ECHO FX ANALOG DELAY A Harman International Company...

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    WHAT THE FX96 DOES The FX96 Echo Fx is DOD’s latest addition to its arsenal of great delay effects. The FX96 is an Analog Delay pedal that offers tape delay simulation at your feet. No longer will you have to haul (and handle with care) the bulky Echo tape machines of the past to the gig .And if...

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    LED INDICATOR: Lights when the Echo is enabled, and is not lit when the Echo is bypassed. JACKS: Input, Output, AC Adapter (use the DOD PS200R power supply only to eliminate the need for a 9 volt battery).

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    1) compression effects (DOD FX84), 2) Wah/volume and envelope filters (DOD FX17, FX25), 3) Distortion effects or preamps (DOD FX102, FX69B), 4) EQ’s (DOD FX40), 5) chorus, flanging, phasing, vibrato (DOD FX75C), 6) Delay and reverb effects (DOD DFX98, FX 96).

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    On the following pages, some examples of different types of sounds are described, along with graphic representations of how to set the knobs. Since good (or bad) guitar sounds are a subjective matter, use these examples as starting points to create your own sounds that meet your specific tastes, or lack thereof.

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    • If the FX96 fails to switch in or out or the LED indicator stays lit, the battery needs to be replaced. • Use of any AC adapter other than the DOD PS200R will void the warranty of this product.

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    U.S., to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. 3. DOD liability under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing defective materials that show evidence of defect, provided the product is returned through the original dealer, where all parts and labor will be covered up to a period of three years.

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    DOD Electronics Corporation President of DOD 8760 S. Sandy Parkway Sandy, Utah 84070, USA Effective: August 26, 1997 European Contact: Your Local DOD Sales and Service Office or International Sales Office 3 Overlook Drive #4 Amherst, New Hampshire 03031, USA...

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