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Looking Inside - Electrolux 241721800 Use & Care Manual

Electrolux side-by-side refrigerator use & care guide
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The crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf,
are designed for storing fruits, vegetables, and other fresh
produce. Wash items in clear water and remove excess water
before placing them in the crispers. Items with strong odors
or high moisture content should be wrapped before storing.
Crisper Drawer
The Humidity Control, present on some models with crisper
drawers, allows you to adjust the humidity within the crisper.
This can extend the life of fresh vegetables that keep best
in high humidity.
NOTE: Leafy vegetables keep best when stored with
the Humidity Control set on Higher Humidity, or in a
drawer without a Humidity Control. This keeps incoming
air to a minimum and maintains maximum moisture
Crisper Humidity Control

Looking Inside -

Special Storage Areas
Some models are equipped with a Meat Keeper. Meat Keeper
temperatures can be adjusted by sliding the Meat Keeper
Temperature Control in either direction. Use this pan for short
term storage of bulk meat items. If meats are to be kept
longer than one or two days, they should be frozen. The
Meat Keeper is fixed and cannot be moved up or down. If
fruits or vegetables are to be stored in the Meat Keeper, set
the Meat Keeper Temperature Control to a warmer setting to
prevent freezing.
Meat Keeper with Temperature Control
The wine rack stores bottles of wine, or single two-liter plastic
bottles of juice or soda pop. To install, slide the Wine Rack
onto the shelf with the curve facing in. To remove, slide the
Wine Rack out. Install on either side of shelf.
Wine Rack

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