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Before Starting; Electrical Connection Requirements - Electrolux 316454909 Installation Instructions Manual

30” free-standing electric range


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Tools You Will Need
For leveling legs and Anti-Tip Bracket:
• Adjustable wrench or channel lock pliers
• 5/16" Nutdriver or Flat Head Screwdriver
• Electric Drill & 1/8" Diameter Drill Bit
(Masonry Drill Bit if installing in concrete)
For electrical supply connection:
• 1/4" & 3/8" Socket driver or Nutdriver
Additional Materials You Will Need:
• Power Supply Cord or
• Copper Electrical Wiring & Metal Conduit
(for hard wiring)
To reduce the risk of tipping of the range, the range must be
secured to the floor by properly installed Anti-Tip Bracket and
screws packed with the range. Failure to install the anti-tip bracket
will allow the range to tip over if excessive weight is placed on an
open door or if a child climbs upon it. Serious injury might result
from spilled hot liquids or from the range itself.
If range is ever moved to a different location, the Anti-Tip Bracket
must also be moved and installed with the range.
Instructions are provided for installation in wood or cement
fastened to either the floor or wall. When installed to the wall,
make sure that screws completely penetrate dry wall and are
secured in wood or metal. When fastening to the floor or wall, be
sure that screws do not penetrate electrical wiring or plumbing.
1a. Locate the Bracket using the Template -
may be located on either the left or right side of the range. Use
the information below to locate the bracket if template is not
Mark the floor or wall where
left or right side of the range
will be located. If rear of range
is against the wall or no
further than 1-1/4" from wall
when installed, you may use
the wall or floor mount
method. If molding is installed
and does not allow the bracket to fit flush against the wall, remove
molding or mount bracket to the floor. For wall mount, locate the
bracket by placing the back edge of the template against the rear
wall and the side edge of template on the mark made referencing
the side of the range (See Fig. 4). Place bracket on top of
template and mark location of the screw holes in wall. If rear of
range is further than 1-1/4" from the wall when installed, attach
bracket to the floor. For floor mount, locate the bracket by placing
back edge of the template where the rear of the range will be
located. Mark the location of the screw holes, shown in template.
1b. Drill Pilot Holes & Fasten Bracket -
hole where screws are to be located. If bracket is to be mounted
to the wall, drill pilot hole at an approximate 20° downward angle
(See Fig. 5).
If bracket is to be mounted to masonry or ceramic floors, drill a
Fig. 4
Drill a 1/8" pilot
3/16" pilot hole 1-3/4" deep. The screws provided may be used
in wood or concrete material. Use a 5/16" nut-driver or flat
head screwdriver to secure the bracket in place (See Fig. 6).
1c. Level and Position Range -
the (4) leveling legs with a wrench. NOTE: A minimum
clearance of 1/8" is required between the bottom of the range
and the leveling leg to allow room for the bracket. Use a spirit
level to check your adjustments. Slide range back into position
(See Fig. 7).
Visually check that rear leveling leg is inserted into and fully
secured by the Anti-Tip Bracket by removing lower panel or
storage drawer. For models with a Warmer Drawer or broiler
compartment, grasp the top rear edge of the range and carefully
attempt to tilt it forward.
Fig. 5
Fig. 7


appliance must be properly installed and grounded by a qualified
technician in accordance with the National Electrical Code ANSI/
NFPA No. 70 -- latest edition -- and Local Electrical Code
This appliance may be connected by means of "Permanent
Wiring" or "Power Supply Cord Kit."
When installing Permanent Wiring, do not leave excess wire in
range compartment. Excess wire in the range compartment may
not allow the Rear Access Cover to be replaced properly and
could create a potential electrical hazard if wires become pinched.
Connect only as instructed under "Permanent Wire
Connections" in Step 4c. When using flexible conduit or range
cable use flex connector or range cable strain relief (Fig. 11).
2a. Models with Factory Connected Power Supply
Cord. NOTE: Some models may have a factory
installed three (3) conductor Power Supply Cord.
Mobile home installations, new branch circuit installations
(1996NEC) or areas where Local Codes do not permit grounding
through neutral require a four (4) conductor power supply cord kit
rated at 125/250 volts minimum and marked for use with ranges.
See Range Connection Opening Size Chart (Figs. 9 & 10) for
cord kit ampere rating information. Terminals on end of wires
must be either closed loop or open-end spade lugs with upturned
Level range by adjusting
Fig. 6


Table of Contents

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