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Troubleshooting; Troubleshooting Digital Broadcasting - Sharp LC46SB54U - LC - 46" LCD TV Operation Manual

Liquid crystal television
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Table of Contents
• No power
Unit cannot be operated
• Remote control unit does not
Picture is cut off/with sidebar
• Strange color, light color, or color
• Power is suddenly turned off
No picture
No sound
The TV sometimes makes a
cracking sound
• Check if you pleased POWER on the remote control unit. (See page 11) If the
indicator on the TV does not light up, press POWER on the TV
• is the AC cord disconnected? (See page 7.)
Has the power been turned on? (See page 11)
External influences such as lightning, static electricity, may cause imp/oper ope/ation.
In this case, operate the unit alter fi/st turning off the power of the %/or unplugging
the AC cold and replugging it in after 1 or 2 minutes.
• Are batteries inserted with polarity ( i ,
) aligned? (See page 8)
Are batteries worn out? (Replace with new batteries )
Are you using it under stlong or fluorescent lighting?
Is a fluorescent light illuminated near the remote contlol sensor?
Is the image position correct? (See page 20,)
Are scleen mode adjustments such as picture size made correctly? (See page 15.)
• Adjust the picture tone (See pages 17 and 18,)
Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a/corn that is too bright.
Check the input signal setting. (See page 20)
• is the sleep timer set? (See page 12)
Check the power cont/ol settings. (See page 19)
• The unit's internal temperature has incleased
Remove any objects blocking vent or
Is connection to other components cor/ect? (See page 10,)
• Is correct input signal source selected after connection? (See page 24)
Is the cor/ect input selected? (See page 24,)
• Is picture adjustment corlect? (See pages 17 and 18.)
= Is "Off' selected in "Audio Only"? (See page 23.)
o Is a non-compatible
signal being input? (See page S0.)
Is the volume too low? (See page 12)
• Is "Variable" selected in "Output Select"? (See page 24)
Have you pressed MUTE on the remote cont/ol unit? (See page 12)
This is not a malfunction. This happens when the cabinet slightly expands and
contracts according to change in temperature
This does not affect the %/'s
The error message
about reception
ot broadcast
The example
of an error message
Error code
on a screen
Failed to receive broadcast,
• Check the antenna cable Check that the antenna is correctly
No broadcast now,
o Check the broadcast time in the program guide,
use in high and low temperature
When the unfl is used in a low temperatu/e
space (eg. room, office), the picture may leave trails or appear slightly delayed
This is not a malfunction, and the unit will recover when the temperature returns to no/real.
Do not leave the unit in a hot or cold location, Also, do not leave the unit in a location exposed to direct sunlight or near a
heater, as this may cause the cabinet to defo/m and the Liquid Clystal panel to malfunction,
Storage temperature:
! 6O°C)

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Table of Contents

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