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Operation; Before Use; Starting Your Appliance; Temperature Control - Electrolux EU 1323T Instruction Booklet

Electrolux owners manual freezer eu 1323t


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Before use

Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the appliance
with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda (5 ml to
0.5 litre of water). Do not use soap or detergent as the
smell may linger. Dry thoroughly.
Freezer controls
Pilot light (green)
Thermostat control knob
Fast-freezing indicator light (yellow)

Starting your appliance

Insert the plug into the wall socket. The appliance can
be activated by turning the thermostat knob
beyond the "-16°C" position. When the pilot light
illuminated this shows that the appliance is on.
The freezer is switched off by turning knob
position « ».

Temperature control

The temperature inside the freezer is regulated by a
thermostat with 5 temperature positions and one
«OFF» ( ) position.
Position «-16°C» = minimum cold
Position «-24°C» = maximum cold
Turn the thermostat dial to the required position.
An intermediate position (-18°C) is usually the most
suitable, although the temperature will be affected by:
Room temperature
How often the door is opened
How much food is stored
Position of the appliance
In determining the correct temperature control setting
all these factors have to be considered and some
experimentation may be necessary.
Push button for fast-freezing
Warning light (red)
To obtain a lower temperature, turn the thermostat
control to the higher numbers; to obtain a higher
temperature turn the control to the lower numbers.
When altering the temperature setting, allow 24 hours
for the temperature to stablise before making further
Warning light (red)
If the temperature warning light
indicates that the temperature within the freezer has
reached a level where safe food storage is no longer
ensured (warmer than -12°C).
When the freezer is first switched on, the warning
light will stay on until the temperature has dropped to
a safe level for the storage of frozen food.
lights up, it


Table of Contents

Table of Contents