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Operation; Before Using; Control Panel - Use Of The Freezer; Start Your Appliance - Electrolux ENN 28600 User Manual

Electrolux freezer user manual
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Before using

Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the
appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of
soda (5 ml to 0.5 litre of water).
Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may
linger. Dry thoroughly.
Control panel
A -
Pilot light - Green
B -
Thermostat control knob
C -
Fast freeze light - Amber
D -
Fast freeze switch
Control Panel
A. Pilot light
The operation light is illuminated continuously, to
show that the appliance is on.
B. Thermostat control knob
Turn the thermostat control knob clockwise to
required setting.
C. Fast freeze light
The fast freeze light is illuminated, to show that the
fast freeze function is working.
D. Fast freeze control switch
When you place fresh food in the appliance, press
the fast freeze control switch.

Start your appliance

Allow the appliance to stand for 2 hours after
Insert the plug into the wall socket. The pilot light (A)
will illuminate to show that the appliance is on.
Turn the thermostat control (B) to a midway setting.
Leave the appliance for approximately 4 hours for
the correct temperature to be reached before placing
food inside.
To switch off the appliance turn the thermostat
control to position "O" .

Temperature control

The temperature within the freezer is controlled by
the thermostat situated in the middle of the
To operate the freezer proceed as follows:
Position 1 = minimum coldness
Position 6 = maximum coldness
Turn the thermostat control knob beyond the «O»
When you first start the fridge-freezer, we suggest
that you turn the thermostat control to a medium
setting. For easier turning of this control, use a small
coin.The internal temperature of the fridge-freezer is
automatically adjusted by the thermostat to ensure
safe food storage.
However, if the appliance is working in unfavourable
room conditions such as
poor ventilation,
high temperature,
frequent door openings,
it may be necessary to select a more suitable

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