Finish Washing - Haier HWM75-7288 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Push "
" button to switch on the power
Push "
" button to select suitable automatic program
After the power is switched on, "SOAK" is automatically set. To select other fully-auto
program, please push the "PROGRAM" button till the corresponding indicator is on.
Refer to the "Program" button on Page 11.
When the "soak" is selected, after the water start to jet, the program wash, rinse and
spin will be implemented (low water level soak for 25 minutes,mid level 35 mins high
level 45 mins).
Push PROGRAM button for 8 times,and it will resume the initial mode.It will circulate
in that sequence.
Water pressure and water level in uence the washing time.
Even there's no water in the tub, the spinning will start after a certain period.
Wash and spin after putting the damageable clothes into tuck net, to avoid scathe.
Wash the laundries that are prone to lose colors separately from other laundries.
When washing start or opening cover intermitting, the washing machine will begin to
work after a period time, this is normal phenomenon.
Only select RINSE program,If there's water inside the tub, the machine will spin before
rinsing, If there's no water the machine will rinse directly.
Push "
" button, select suitable water level
After switching on the power, the washing machine will execute fuzzy program
automatically to detect the cloth during the standard program. After defection, it can set
the water level automatically. To select other water level, rst push the "START/PAUSE"
button, then push the " WATER LEVEL " button to set the water level.
The pulsator will not rotate unless the water is lled to selected water level.
Push "
" button to select suitable reserve wash program
After switching on the power, the reserve program is set to off mode automatically. If you
need to set the washing procedure to be nished at reserved time, please push the
" RESERVE " button to set the reserve wash program. Refer to reserve button in Page 11
for selection.
Con rm the operation of reserve program
When the " RESERVE" function is activated, the indicator light of
the program you have set will be off. The "RESERVE (HOURS)" and
"REMAIN MINUTES" indicator lights will be on. During reserve procedure,
push the "RESERVE" button to display the reserve time mode.
To change the running program or cancel the reserve setting, you
need to switch off the power and make new selection.
Push "
If the top lid is opened when the machine is spinning, the machine will stop running
and alarm.

Finish washing

After Finishing washing, it will switch off power automatically.
" button, close the top lid

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