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Use The Operation Buttons - Haier HWM75-7288 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Use the operation buttons

On: indicate the program about to run,or indicate
the selected mode or indicate the water level
Flashing: indicate the running program
It displays "--" during detecting.
It displays total remained time during the
running program (min).
It displays remained reserved time during
reserve program hour
It displays abnormal symbol in abnormal
situation.(See to Page 14)
The digitron displays the time remained
(in minute) before the washing is nished.
Push down the reserve button. The reserve
indicator light is on the digitron displays the
reserve time of nishing washing (in hour).
When the machine is started, the reserve
indicator light is on, indicating that the
reserve function is running.
The washing machine can detect the
laundries automatically during the
STANDARD program After detection,
it will set the water level to suitable value
among 30L,40L and 50L automatically.
The water level decided may be different
from actual value because of the different
moisture level of the laundries.
You can also set water level by yourself.
After the machine is started, it will not set
water level automatically. You shall push
the start/pause button to make new setting.
If there's water inside the tub, the machine
cannot detect the laundries and will display
water level 40L .If wet laundries are put in,
it may display water level 50L. You must
set suitable water level by yourself.
If quick program is selected, it will display
water level 24L.
If tub dry program is selected, the water
level will not respond.
During operation of wash and rinse
program, you can push down the water
level button to add water. When you
release the button, or it reaches the
over ow water level, the machine will stop
adding water.
The rinsing water level is one water level
higher than the washing water level( except
the maximal and man-rated water level).
Push the On/Off button to switch on the
When the power is on, push it again to
switch off the power.
Push the On/Off button to switch on
the power.If the start/pause button is
not pushed, the washing machine will
automatically switch off the power
after 5 minutes.
After the power is switched on,press it to start
the machine.
During working, push it to pause.
During pause, push this button to restart
and go on working
Applicable situation
Washing the relatively big thick or very
dirty laundries
STANDARD Common washing
If "STANDARD" program is set, the
machine will execute fuzzy detection. The
computer will set the water level and
washing time as per the cloth and quantity
of the laundries.The whole procedure is
under automatic control.
Washing the woollen textiles
Posthaste wash of the laundry under 2.0
kg with light soil.
The water level will automatically set 24L.
Just run the washing cycle without
drainage cycle. The detergent was left
inside the drum and can be recycled.
Remove the left detergent from the clothes
and then rinse the clothes
When the clothes are washed or the
clothes are quite wet, extra spin is needed.
Drying the inner tub and the outer tub,
which can avoid growing mildew.

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