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Door Removal; Ice Maker Installation; Setting The Temperature Controls; Cool Down Period - Electrolux 297122900 (0608) Use & Care Manual

Electrolux freezer user manual
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Door Removal

If door must be removed:
• Unplug the unit
• Gently lay freezer on its back, on a rug or blanket.
• Remove two base screws and base panel. Remove
wire from clips on bottom of cabinet, if required.
• Unplug connector, if required, by holding the cabinet
connector in place and pulling the door connector out.
• Remove the bottom hinge screws.
• Remove the plastic top hinge cover.
• Remove the screws from the top hinge.
• Remove the top hinge from the cabinet.
• Remove the door and bottom hinge from the cabinet.
• To replace door, reverse the above procedures and
securely tighten all screws to prevent hinge slippage.

Ice Maker Installation

If your freezer has an automatic ice maker, please refer to the insert in the bond
pack that came with your freezer (CONNECTING ICE MAKER TO WATER
SUPPLY) to correctly hook-up your ice maker.


Cool Down Period

For safe food storage, allow four (4) hours for freezer to cool
down completely. The freezer will run continuously for the
first several hours.

Electronic Temperature Control

The electronic temperature control is located inside the freezer. Temperature is
factory preset to provide satisfactory food storage temperatures. However, the
temperature control is adjustable to provide a range of temperatures for your
personal satisfaction. To adjust the temperature setting, move the UP ( ) button
for warmer temperature and DOWN ( ) button for colder temperature on the
control panel. Allow several hours for the temperature to stabilize between



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