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Frozen Food Storage; Thawing; Ice Making - Electrolux 2222 784-01 Instruction Booklet

Electrolux freezer user manual


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fresh food, the yellow light
can be shortened, depending on the quantity of food
to be frozen. After the time has elapsed place the
food to be frozen in the two top compartments of the
freezer as this is the coldest part; if freezing only a
small amount of food, always use the top
compartment. Once the food is completely frozen
(which could take up to 24 hours) press the fast
freeze button to deactivate the fast freeze mode; the
yellow light
goes off.
If the quick-freezing function is not ended manually,
the appliance switch off the quick-freezing function
after 52 hours. The yellow light goes out.
Distribute the frozen food packages in the other
compartments, so that the top compartments can be
used for a further freezing operation.
Only freeze top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned
Do not allow fresh food to touch food which is already
During the freezing process, ensure that the freezer
door remains closed.

Frozen food storage

When you first start the freezer or if the freezer has
been out of use for some time, we advise you to run
your appliance for at least two hours in the «fast
freeze» mode before storing frozen food.
To obtain the best performance from this appliance,
we strongly recommend that you make sure that the
commercially frozen foodstuffs were adequately
stored by the retailer and, furthermore, be sure that
these frozen foodstuffs are transferred from the
foodstore to the consumer in the shortest possible
time (a temperature increase of the frozen food could
shorten its storage period).
It is also advisable not to exceed the storage period
indicated by the producer of the food.
Finally, do not open the door frequently or leave it
open longer than is absolutely necessary.
Do not put carbonated liquids, (fizzy drinks
etc.), in the freezer compartment.
Ice lollies, if consumed immediately after
removal from the freezer, can possibly result in
a low temperature skin burn.
Do not remove items from the freezer if your
hands are damp/wet, as this could cause skin
abrasions or "frost/freezer burns".
If there is a power failure during the storage of
frozen food, do not open the door during the
whole time of the power failure. If the freezer is
fully loaded, the frozen food will not be affected
if the power cut is of short duration; otherwise,
it is recommended to consume the food within
a very short time.
illuminates. This time
To remove the drawers, proceed as follows: pull the
drawer out until it comes to a stop, then tilt it upwards
(see figure).
Freezing calendar
The following symbols show different types of frozen
The numbers indicate storage times in months for
the appropriate types of frozen goods. Whether the
upper or lower value of the indicated storage time is
valid depends on the quality of the foods and pre-
treating before freezing.


Frozen food, prior to being used, can be thawed in
the fridge or at room temperature depending on the
time available. Small food items may even be cooked
from frozen; in this case cooking will take longer.
Any frozen food which is allowed to thaw accidentally
should either be eaten as soon as possible or thrown
away. Alternatively, if the food is uncooked and has
not been completely defrosted it can be cooked and
then refrozen.
Defrosted cooked food must never be refrozen.
Making ice cubes
The appliance is provided with a plastic ice cube tray.
Fill the tray 3/4 full to allow the ice to expand and
place it in the freezer. To turn out the ice cubes
simply give the tray a slight twist to release the
Never tray to free an ice tray that is frozen to the
freezer using a sharp or pointed object.

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