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Electrolux freezer user manual
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Before use

Remove all securing tapes. Wash inside the appliance
with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda
(5 ml to 0.5 litre of water). Do not use soap or
detergent as the smell may linger. Dry thoroughly.

Freezer controls

➀ ➀
Pilot light (green)
➁ ➁
Thermostat control knob
➂ ➂
Fast-freezing indicator light (yellow)

Starting your appliance

Insert the plug into the wall socket.The appliance can
be activated by turning the thermostat knob
beyond the «
» position. When the pilot light
illuminated , this shows that the appliance is on.

Temperature control

The temperature within the freezer is controlled by
➁ ➁
the thermostat
situated at the bottom of the
cabinet .
To operate the freezer proceed as follows:
Turn the thermostat control knob beyond the «0»
position. When you first start the freezer, we suggest
that you turn the thermostat control knob to a medium
setting. For easier turning of this control, use a small
coin. The internal temperature of the freezer is
automatically adjusted by the thermostat to ensure
safe food storage. However, if the appliance is
working in unfavourable room conditions such as
high temperature and frequent door openings, it may
be necessary to select a more suitable setting.
To obtain a lower temperature, turn the thermostat
control knob towards "6"; to obtain a higher
temperature turn the control knob towards "1".
➀ ➀ ➁ ➁
➁ ➁
➀ ➀
➂ ➂
➄ ➄
➃ ➃
➃ ➃
Push button for fast-freezing/ reset symbol for
audible alarm
➄ ➄

Warning light (red)

Warning light (red)
If the temperature warning light
that the temperature within the freezer has reached a
level where the safe food storage is no longer
When the freezer is first switched on, the warning
light will blink until the temperature has dropped to a
safe level for the storage of frozen food.

Temperature acoustic alarm

This appliance incorporates an alarm which gives off
an audible signal whenever the warning light comes
on. This signal can be temporarily stopped by
depressing the push button for fast-freezing
The fast-freezing push button can be released as
soon as the warning light is off.

Freezing fresh food

In any 24 hour period you can freeze up to 18 kg of
fresh food.
Activate fast freeze by depressing the fast-freeze
24 hours before you want to freeze your
blinks, it indicates

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