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Defrosting - Electrolux 2222 740-55 Instruction Booklet

Electrolux freezer instruction manual
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The freezer compartment will become progressively
covered with frost. This should be removed with the
special plastic scraper provided, whenever the thick-
ness of the frost exceeds 1/4".
During this operation it is not necessary to switch off
the power supply or to remove the foodstuffs.
However, when the ice becomes very thick on the
inner liner, complete defrosting should be carried out
and it is advisable to carry out this operation when the
appliance is empty.
To carry out complete defrosting proceed as follows:
1. Remove any stored food, wrap it in several layers
of newspaper and put it in a cool place.
2. Turn the thermostat control
3. Leave the door open.
4. Remove the three large drawers.
5. When defrosting is completed, remove the water
that has collected in the small bottom drawer and
dry the interior thoroughly.
Turn the thermostat control to a medium setting and,
after letting the appliance run for at least two hours in
the «fast freeze» mode, replace the previously
removed food into the compartments.
A temperature rise of the frozen food packs
during defrosting may shorten their storage life.
Never use sharp metal tools to scrape off frost
from the evaporator as you could damage the
appliance beyond repair.
to the « » setting.
In the event of a power failure causing t h e
temperature within your freezer to rise, do
not re-freeze the food without checking its
condition. The following guidelines should
assist you:
Ice-cream: once thawed should be discard-ed.
Fruits & Vegetables: if soft should be cooked
and used up.
Breads & Cakes: can be re-frozen without
Shellfish: should be refrigerated and used up
Cooked Dishes: i.e. casseroles should be
refrigerated and used up.
Large Pieces of Meat: can be re-frozen pro-
viding there are still ice crystals remaining with-
in them.
Small Joints: should be cooked and can then
be re-frozen as cooked dishes.
Chicken: should also be cooked and re-frozen
as a cooked dish.

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