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Changing The Initial Settings Of The Recorded Song; Deleting Recorded Data - Yamaha 142 Owner's Manual

Arius series
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If desired, record the other Part by repeating Steps 1–4.
To hear the recorded Song, press [PLAY] to start playback.
Press [PLAY] again to stop playback.

Changing the Initial Settings of the Recorded Song

The settings of the following parameters can be changed after the Record operation is completed.
- For individual Parts: Voice, Dual Voices, Reverb Depth
- For the entire Song: Tempo, Reverb Type
Make the settings of the above parameters.
While holding down [REC], press the desired Part button to
engage Record Ready mode.
In this status, do not press [PLAY] again or any key. Otherwise, the originally
recorded performance data will be deleted.
Press [REC]+[PLAY] again to exit from Record Ready mode.

Deleting Recorded Data

To delete the entire Song:
While holding down [REC], press [DEMO/SONG].
The [+R] and [–L] lamps flash.
To exit from this status, press [–L].
Press [+R] to delete the data of the entire Song.
The [REC], [PLAY], [+R] and [–L] lamps flash.
After the operation is completed, all lamps turn off.
To delete a specific Part:
While holding down [REC], press [+R] or [–L] (depending on
the Part you want to delete) to engage Record Ready mode.
The [REC] and the selected Part ([+R] or [–L]) lamps flash.
Press [PLAY] to start recording without playing the keyboard.
The selected Part ([+R] or [–L]) lamp flashes.
Press [REC] or [PLAY] to stop recording.
All data recorded for the selected Part will be deleted, and the lamp turns off.
Advanced Operations
The recorded Song data can
be saved to computer as a
Standard MIDI file (SMF). For
details, refer to the Computer-
related Operations manual
(page 7).
YDP-162/142 Owner's Manual

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