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Recording Your Performance - Yamaha 142 Owner's Manual

Arius series
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Advanced Operations

Recording Your Performance

This instrument lets you record your keyboard performance as the User Song. Up to two Parts (left-hand and right-hand)
can be recorded separately.
Recording Your Performance
Select the desired Voice and other parameters, such as beat,
for recording.
For instructions on selecting a Voice, refer to page 16. If necessary, set other
parameters, such as beat and effects, in this step.
While holding down [REC], press [+R] or [–L] to engage
Record Ready mode for the Part you want to record.
If you do not intend to record right- and left-hand Parts separately, record the entire
performance to either Part.
Recording the right-hand Part ([+R])
Recording the left-hand Part ([–L])
After a while, the [REC] lamp and the selected Part lamp will flash at the current
To exit from Record Ready mode:
Simply press [REC].
If data has already been recorded to the other Part:
The data in this Part will be played back while recording. This Part can be turned off
or on by holding down [PLAY] then pressing this Part button.
Play the keyboard or press [PLAY] to start recording.
The [REC] lamp lights up while the Recording Part lamp flashes at the current
Press either [REC] or [PLAY] to stop recording.
The [REC], [PLAY], [+R] and [–L] lamps flash, indicating that the recorded data is
being stored. After the Save operation is completed, the lamps will turn off,
indicating that the Record operation has been completed.
YDP-162/142 Owner's Manual
Recording Capacity
This instrument can record up
to 100KB (approximately
11,000 notes).
You can use the Metronome
while recording; however, the
Metronome sound will not be
If a Part contains data, the
Part lamp lights. Note that the
Recording operation will
replace already-recorded data
with the new data.
If the keyboard is in the Duo
mode (page 21), the data will
be recorded to each Part. The
Part for recording cannot be
Never turn off the power while
the recorded data is being
stored (while the lamps are
flashing). Otherwise, all
recorded data will be lost.

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