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The Washer; Troubleshooting Tips - GE GTWN5450DWW Owner's Manual

Ge 3.9 doe cu. ft. stainless steel capacity washer
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Troubleshooting Tips

Snags, holes, tears, rips
or excessive wear
during agitate
sounds at end of agitate
stops filling
Panel during fill
Water flow changes
during fill
Motor "whining up" or
"coasting down" in spin
Water "swishing"
Washer is noisy
Possible Causes
Result of normal wear on
poly-cotton blends and
fuzzy fabrics
Pins, snaps, hooks, sharp
buttons, belt buckles,
zippers and sharp objects
left in pockets
Undiluted chlorine bleach
Chemicals like hair bleach or
dye, permanent wave solution
Improper sorting
Overloading or incorrect
water level
Incorrect wash and
dry cycles
Repeated washing in
water that is too hot
Possible Causes
Shifter mechanism is
engaging or disengaging
Electric motor reversing
Clothing redistribution
Relay switch
Automatic Temperature
Control Valve
Automatic Temperature
Control Valve
Motor ramping up/down
during spin cycle
Water drain pump
Water drain pump
This is normal
Washer is uneven
Shipping rod is still assembled • To remove the shipping rod from the washer, pull the yellow tag
in the unit
What To Do
• While this is not caused by the washer, you can slow the
pilling process by washing garments inside out.
• Fasten snaps, hooks, buttons and zippers.
• Remove loose items like pins, objects in pockets and
sharp buttons.
• Turn knits (which snag easily) inside out.
• Check bleach package instructions for proper amount.
• Never add undiluted bleach to wash or allow clothes to
come in contact with undiluted bleach.
• Rinse items that may have chemicals on them before
• Avoid mixing heavy items (like work clothes) with light items
(like blouses).
• Try a fabric softener.
• Loosely load clothes in the washer basket. Adjust load size based
on item size and material.
• Match Cycle selection to the type of fabric you are washing
(especially for easy care loads).
• Wash in warm or cold water.
• The drive system will engage at the start of agitate and
disengage when agitate is complete. This occurs multiple
times during the wash.
• This machine has a drive system that doesn't use gears.
This sound is the motor rotating back and forth to clean
your laundry.
• At the end of agitate, the motor makes short agitation strokes
to redistribute the load.
• The relay makes a click sound when activated. The water
level activates the relay and stops filling.
• Two valves mix cold and hot water. The "clicking" is when either
valve turns on or off to raise or lower the fill water temperature.
• Two valves mix cold and hot water. The flow changes when either
valve turns on or off to raise or lower the fill water temperature.
• The motor will speed up incrementally during the spin cycle.
When spin is complete, it will coast until it stops.
• The drain pump will make a humming sound when pumping
out water after agitation stops and continue until spin is complete.
• When the pump starts drawing in air, It starts to gurgle.
The washer should then begin spinning and the sound will
continue until it is done spinning.
• This washer uses a Infusor™ wash action. Water swishing while
the unit is agitating is normal, especially with smaller loads.
• To level the front of the washer, adjust the front leveling legs by
rotating the individual leg in the proper direction for up
or down. To level the back of the washer, lift the back
of the machine 4" (11 cm) and set down.
and remove the attached rod from the bottom right hand side of

the washer.

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