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Hints And Tips - Electrolux Insight EKC6044 User Manual

Electrolux cooker user manual
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Arrange the shelves in the required positions
before switching the oven ON. Shelf positions
are counted from the bottom upwards.
When cooking more than one dish in the fan
oven, place dishes centrally on different shelves
rather than cluster several dishes on one shelf,
this will allow the heat to circulate freely for the
best cooking results.
When batch baking one type of food, e.g. Victoria
sandwich cakes, those of similar size will be
cooked in the same time.
It is recommended that when baking larger
quantities the shelf positions should be evenly
spaced to suit the load being cooked. A slight
increase in cooking time may be necessary.
Do not place baking trays directly on the oven
base as it interferes with the oven air circulation
and can lead to base burning; use the lower shelf
Do not place cookware and cooking pots
with rough bases e.g. cast iron on the oven
door as damage to the glass may occur.



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