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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for KAWASAKI ZX400-H2

  • Page 1 Quick Reference Guide General Information Fuel System Cooling System Engine Top End Clutch Engine Lubrication System Engine Removal/Installation CrankshaftlTransmission Wheels/Tires Final Drive Brakes Suspension Steering Frame Electrical System Appendix reference guide will assist you in locating a desired top or procedure . •...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    GENERAL INFORMATION 1-1 General Information Table of Contents Before Servicing ...1-2 ...1-4 Model Identification General Specifications ...1-5 Periodic Maintenance Chart ...1-7 Torque and Locking Agent..1-9 .1-12 Cable. Wire. and Hose Routing...
  • Page 3: Before Servicing

    1-2 GENERAL INFORMATION Before Servicing Before starting to service a motorcycle. careful reading of the applicable section is recommended to eliminate unnecessary work. Photographs. diagrams. notes. cautions. warnings. and detailed descriptions have been included wherever necessary. Nevertheless. even a detailed account has limitations, a certain amount of basic knowledge is also required for successful work.
  • Page 4 GENERAL INFORMATION 1-3 (12) Oil Seal and Grease Seal Replace any oil or grease seals that we removed w ones, as removal generally damages seals. When pressing in a seal which has manufacturer's marks, press it in with the marks facing out. Seals should be pressed into place using a suitable driver, contacts evenly with the side of seal, until the...
  • Page 5: Model Identification

    1-4 GENERAL INFORMATION Model Identification ZX400-H2 Left Side View: ZX400-H2 Right Side View:...
  • Page 6: General Specifications

    GENERAL INFORMATION General Specifications Items _ _ __ I_Z _X _4 _ 0_ Dimensions: Overall length 2035 rnrn, (I) 2050 rnrn, Overall width 705mm Overall height 1125mm Wheelbase 1 395 mm Road clearance 120mm Seat height 765mm Dry weight 163 kg Curb weight: Front 95 kg...
  • Page 7 GENERAL INFORMATION Items ZX400-H2 Clutch type Wet multi disc Transmission Type 6-speed, constant mesh, return shift Gear ratios: 2.846 (37/13) 2.055 (37/18) 1.631 (31/19) 1.380 (29/21) 1.240 (31/25) 1.111 (30/27) Final drive system: Type Chain drive Reduction ratio 3.000 (45/15) Overall drive ratio 7.317 @Top gear...
  • Page 8: Torque And Locking Agent

    GENERAL INFORMATION 1-9 The table below, relating tightening torque to thread Torque and locking Agent diameter, lists the basic torque for the bolts and nuts. this table for only the bolts and nuts wh do not require specific torque value. All of the values are for use with The follow tables...
  • Page 9 1-10 GENERAL INFORMATION Fastener Torque Remarks kg-m ft-Ib Oil Pressure Switch Terminal 0.15 in-Ib Oil Pressure Switch 11.0 Oil Pump Screws Cover 0.45 39 in-Ib Oil Plug (Right, M18) 11.0 Oil Plug (Left, PT%) 1.75 12.5 Oil Cooler Pipe Fitting Bolt Oil Pan Bolts Engine Removal/Installation: Engine Mounting Bracket Bolt...
  • Page 10 GENERAL INFORMATION 1-11 Fastener Torque Remarks kg-m Tie- Rod Nuts Steering: Steering Stem Head Nut Handlebar Mounting Bolts 19.0 Handlebar Holder Allen Bolts Handle Holder Clamp Bolt 16.5 Frame: Fairing Inner Cover Mounting Screws (engine side) Side Stand Bracket Bolts Electrical System: Spark Plugs 113in-lb...
  • Page 11: Cable. Wire. And Hose Routing

    1-12 GENERAL INFORMATION Cable. Wire. and Hose Routing the cable into the clamp. 1. Clutch Cable 2. Choke Cable / if 3. Throttle Cable Speedometer Cable Install the cable el bow in par allel with the fra center line . ~'+---- C l a m p...
  • Page 12 GENERAL INFORMATION 1-13 Battery Vent Hose (Transparent) Battery Vent Hose (Black) 3. Fuel Tank Breather Hose Battery 4. Coolant HeservoirTank Breather Hose Coolant Reservoir Tank Rear Fender (front)---_ _ Joint ~--;J""'=""If----- Run the horse under the cross pipe . >Clamp Run the horses through backside of the swing arm pivot.
  • Page 13 1-14 GENERAL INFORMATION Ri h 1. Main Harness Battery (-) Lead Right Grip Switch Ground Lead To Left Grip Switch Ignition Coil (#1 To Water Temperature Sensor Ignition Coil (#2. #3) 5. Starter Motor lead Pressure Switch. Neutral Switch and Side Stand Switch Alternator Lead 12.
  • Page 14 GENERAL INFORMATION 1-15 Run the lead over the fairing stay Stem Under Bracket he harness ou tsld ;---.., Run the harn ess hrough b tween r ho tt~e fairing ner cover engine. Rou nd Clamp backw nd coverin g (Bend th e cl amp insi the con...
  • Page 15 1-16 GENERAL INFORMATION To Main Harness Run the lead inside of the water pump.- 1. Alternator Lead 2. To Oil Pressure Switch 3. To Neutral Switch 4. Side Stand Switch Lead 5. Battery (-) Lead Clamp Side Stand Switch Crankcase Upper Surf ace (rearward)
  • Page 16 FUEL SYSTEM 2-1 Fuel S ste Table of Contents ..2-2 Exploded View Specifications ..2-4 ...2-4 Special Tools ..2-5 Throttle Grip and Cables ...2-5 Throttle Cable Adjustment.. Choke Cable ..2-6 ...2-6 Choke Cable Adjustment..2-6 Surge Tank ...2-6 Surge Tank Removal..2-7 Air Cleaner ...2-7...
  • Page 17: Exploded View

    2-2 FUEL SYSTEM Exploded View Jet Needle Pilot Screw Pilot Needl lder Main in Air Pilot Air Jet...
  • Page 18 YST'M...
  • Page 19: Specifications

    2-4 FUEL SYSTEM Specifications Item Standard Throttle Grip Free Play 2,.., 3mm Choke Cable Free Play 2,.., 3mm Idle Speed 1 200 ± 50 r/rnin (rpm) Carburetor Specifications: Make/type Keihin /CVK -D32 2.7 kPa (2 cm Hg) or less difference between Synchron ization vacuum...
  • Page 20: Throttle Grip And Cables

    FUEL SYSTEM 2-5 Throttle Grip and Cables Throttle Cable Adjustment • Check throttle grip free play. Accelerator Cable C. Locknut B. Adjuster D. Decelerator Cable .Loosen all the adjuster and slide both throttle cables at the carburetor to obtain the specified free play. •...
  • Page 21: Choke Cable

    2-6 FUEL SYSTEM Choke Cable Surge Tank Surge Tank Removal Choke Cable Adjustment • Remove the fuel tank (th is chapter) • Remove surge tank (see this chapter) • Check choke cable free play. • Remove the surge tank. Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel Tank Removal) Determine the amount of choke cable play at the choke lever.
  • Page 22: Air Cleaner

    FUEL SYSTEM 2-7 Air Cleaner Element Cleaning AWARNING Clean element in a we -venti lated area. an d take care that there is no spark or flame anywhere near working area; includes ny ap pliance with a il o t light.
  • Page 23: Carburetors

    2-8 FUEL SYSTEM • Check the fuel level as shown. Carburetors o Turn out the carburetor drain plug a few turns. Wait until the fuel level in the gauge settles. Idle Speed Adjustment NOTE • Start the engine and warm it up thoroughly. aKeeping the gauge vertical.
  • Page 24: Carburetor Removal

    FUEL SYSTEM 2-9 AWARNING Be sure to in sta ll th hold r clamp screws In the i rectio n sh o wn the sc rews could come in c ontact with the throttle linkage resul ti ng unsa iding condition.
  • Page 25: Periodic Maintenance Chart

    2-10 FUEL SYSTEM .Turn the throttle cable lever to check that the throttle Fuel Pump and Filter butterfly valves move smoothly and return by spring tension. * If the throttle valves do not move smoothly. Replace the carburetors. AWARNING • Check that the O-rings on the float bowl...
  • Page 26: Fuel Tank

    FUEL SYSTEM 2-11 Installation Fuel Tank • Install the fuel tank hoses. Removal .Turn the fuel tap to the OFF position to stop the fuel flow AWARNING Gasoline is extremely fl ammable and can be explosive under certa in c o n d itio n Turn the ignition switch Do not smoke.
  • Page 27 COOLING SYSTEM 3-1 Cooling System Table of Contents ..3-2 Exploded View ..3-3 Specifications Special Tool, ..3-3 ,,3-3 Sealant ,,3-4 Coolant Flow Chart ..3-5 Coolant ..3-5 Coolant Level Inspection ,,3-5 Coolant Draining ..3-5 Coolant Filling Pressure Testing ...3-6 Water Pump ...3-7 Removal ...3-7 Installation...
  • Page 28: Exploded View

    COOLING SYSTEM Exploded View 2.0 N-m (0.2 kg in-Ib) 3.4 N (0.35 kg 30 in -Ib) T3 : 7.8 N-m (0.8 kg 69 in-Ib) T4 : 8.8 N-m (0.9 kg-m. 78 n -Ib ) 18 N-m (1 -m.13 -Ib) : Apply a non -permanent locking agent to the threads.
  • Page 29: Specifications

    14 '" 18 psi) Thermostat: Valve opening temperature 80.0 84.0°C (176 -- 183°F) Valve full open lift Not less than 6 mm @95°C (203°F) Sealant Special Tool 57001 Kawasaki Bo nd (Silicone Sealant) 19 -120 Socket Wrench, Hex 8: -1 268...
  • Page 30: Coolant Flow Chart

    3-4 COOLING SYSTEM Coolant Flow Chart When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed so that the coolant flow is restricted through the small hole (air hole) on the thermostat. causing the engine to warm up more quickly. " Wa er J c a linde H ad...
  • Page 31: Coolant

    COOLING SYSTEM 3-5 • Remove the fairings. Coolant • Place a container under the engine. • Remove the drain plug. Coolant Level Inspection NOTE OCheck the level when the engine is cold (room or ambient temperature) . • Check the coolant level in the reservoir tank with the motorcycle held perpendicularly.
  • Page 32: Pressure Testing

    3-6 COOLING SYSTEM Pressure Testing .Remove the radiator cap, and install a cooling system pressure tester on the radiator filler neck. NOTE Wet the cap sealing surfaces with water or coolant to prevent pressure leaks. • Build up pressure in the system carefully until the pressure reaches 123 kPa (1.25 kg/cm 18 psi).
  • Page 33: Water Pump

    COOLING SYSTEM Water Pump Pipe Mounting Bolt Water Pump Radiator Hose Clamp Bolt .Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the engine sprocket cover bolt (one bolt only - see Final Drive Removal chapte r) . • Remove the fairings • Install the water pump cover. •...
  • Page 34: Radiator And Radiator Fan

    3-8 COOLING SYSTEM Radiator and Radiator Fan Removal AWARNING The rad iator fan is connected d irectly to the battery. The radiator fan may start even if the ignition switch is off. NEVER TOUCH THE RADIATOR FAN UNTIL THE RADIATOR FAN CONNECTOR IS DISCONNECTED. TOUCHING THE FAN BEFORE THE CONNECTOR IS DISCONNECTED COULD CAUSE INJURY FROM THE FAN BLADES.
  • Page 35: Radiator Cap Inspection

    COOLING SYSTEM 3-9 Steam Gun Runn ing Direction 'l , Pressure Tester Radiator Cap .Watching the pressure gauge. pump the pressure tester to build up the pressure. The cap must open at the relief pressure (the gauge pointer flicks down). Also the cap Radiator Cap Inspection must hold any pressure less than the relief pressure for .Check the cond...
  • Page 36: Thermostat

    3-10 COOLING SYSTEM Thermostat Removal eRemove the fairing and the side cover assembly. eDrain coolant (cyl inder head, cylinder) . eRemove the following. Carburetor (see Fuel System chapter) Hose (Thermostat Housing) Mounting Bolts Water Temperature Sensor Connector e Remove the thermostat housir.g on the cylinder.
  • Page 37 ENGINE TOP END 4-1 Engin op nd Table of Contents Exploded View Valve Clearance Adjustment ..4-15 Specifications .....•..Valve Removal ..4 -16 Special Tools Valve Installation ..4-16 Sealant Valve Guide Removal ..4-16 Cylinder Head Cover ..4-8 Valve Guide Installation ..4- 16 Removal ..4-17 Valve Seat Outside Diameter...
  • Page 38: Exploded View

    4· Exploded Vie'N...
  • Page 39 ENGINE TOP END 4-3 <Jf T1: 8.8 N-m (0.9 kq-rn, 78 in-Ib) N-m (1.0 kq-rn, 7.0 ft-Ib) (1.2 kg-m. 8.5 ft-Ib) 25 N-m (2.5 kq-rn, 18.0 ft-Ib) Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the ·'a threads. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease. 55: Apply silicone sealant to the threads.
  • Page 40: Specifications

    4-4 ENGINE TOP END Specifications Item Standard Service Limit Camshaft: Cam height: Inlet 31.778 ,.., 31.918 mm 31.68 mm Exhaust 31.469 ,.., 31.609 mm 31.37 mm Camshaft, camshaft cap clearance: 0.028 ,.., 0.071 0.16 0.078 ,.., 0.121 mm 0.21 mm Camshaft journal diameter: 23.950 ,.., 23.972 mm 23.92 mm...
  • Page 41 ENGINE END 4-5 Item Standard Service Limit Valve/valve ide clearance (wobble method) 0.031 ,.., 0.140 Inlet 0.34 0.085 ,.., 0.180 Exhaust 0.41 Valve stem diameter: 3.975 ,.., 3.990 Inlet 3.96 3.955 ,.., 3.970 3.94 Exhaust 4.000 ,.., 4.012 Valve guide inside diameter 4.08 Cylinder.
  • Page 42: Special Tools

    4-6 ENGINE TOP END Special Tools Compression Gauge: 57001 -221 Valve Spring Compressor int: 5700 -1271 Compression Gauge Adapter, M10 X 1.0: 57001 -1317 Valve Guide Arbor, $4: 57001-1273 Rocker Arm Holder: 57001 -1270 Valve Guide Reamer, 57001-1274 Valve Spring Compressor Assembly: 57001-241 Valve Seat Cutter...
  • Page 43: Sealant

    Seat Cutt Bar: 57001 -1128 Piston Pin Puller Assembly: 57001 -910 Valve Seat Cutter, 60 · - <1>30: 57001 1123 Sealant Kawasaki Bond (Silicone Sealant 56019- Valve Seat Cutt 45· <1>22: 57001 1205 Valve Seat Cutter, 32· <1>22: 57001 -1206...
  • Page 44: Cylinder Head Cover

    4-8 ENGINE TOP END Cylinder Head Cover Removal • Remove the follow ing. Fuel Tank (see Fuel System chapter) Cleaner Hous (see Fuel System chapter) Ignition Coils Throttle Cable Choke Cable Baffle Plate Silicone Sealant Applied Areas A. Baffle Plate Bolt •...
  • Page 45: Camshaft Chain Tensioner

    ENGINE END 4-9 Camshaft Chain Tensioner Removal • Remove the pickup coil cover. _ _ _ _ • Remove the mounting bolts and take off the camshaft chain tensioner. A. Taper Part (Stopper) B. Push Rod • Compressing spring against the push rod head, insert a thin w through the hole in the push rod to...
  • Page 46: Camshaft : 4-1

    4-10 ENGINE TOP END OApply silicone sealant to the crankcase parting line and Camshaft grommet (see 4 -12). OApplya non -permanent locking agent to only one bolt (see 4-12) Camshaft Removal • Remove the following Lower Fairings (see Frame chapter) Pickup Coil Cover Damper Rubber (from Rear Cam Chain Guide)
  • Page 47: Camshaft Installation

    ENGINE TOP END 4-11 epull the tension side (exhaust side) of the chain taut to CAUTION install the chain. OThe timing marks must be aligned with the cylinder The crankshaft may be turned i le the ca mshafts head upper surface and positioned respectively rem ov ed Always...
  • Page 48: Camshaft, Camshaft Cap Wear

    4-12 ENGINE TOP END NOTE Do not turn the camshaft when the plastigage between the journal and camshaft cap. *If any clearance exceeds the service limit, measure the diameter of each camshaft journal with a micrometer. Camshaft, Camshaft Cap Clearance #1, #4 Journals Standard: 0.028...
  • Page 49: Rocker Arm, Rocker Shaft

    ENGINE TOP END 4-13 Rocker Arm, Rocker Shaft Rocker Arm and Rocker Shaft Removal • Remove the camshafts (this chapter). NOTE Mark the rocker arms so they may be put back in the same position. • Remove the rocker shaft plug and rocker shaft, and take off the rocker arms.
  • Page 50: Cylinder Head

    4-14 ENGINE TOP END Removal Cylinder Head • Drain coolant (see Cooling System chapter) • Remove the following. Radiator (see Cooling System chapter) Cylinder Compression Measurement Muffler Camshafts (see this chapter) NOTE Oil Hose (Cylinder Head) Engine Mounting Bracket Bolts, Nuts (Cylinder Head) Use the battery which is fully charged.
  • Page 51: Valves

    ENGINE TOP END 4-15 Valves Valve Clearance Adjustment NOTE Valve clearance must be checked and adjusted when the engine is cold (at room temperature) . • Remove the following. Cylinder Head Cover Spark Plug Retainer .Using a thickness gauge, measure the valve clearance between the rocker arm and the cam.
  • Page 52: Valve Removal

    4-16 ENGINE TOP END .Apply engine oil to the a ring, install the spark plug retainer. *If the valve clearance is not within the specified range, first record the clearance, and then adjust it. change the valve clearance, replace the shim with one of a different th ickness.
  • Page 53: Valve Seat Outside Diameter

    ENGINE TOP END 4-17 Good 2. Too wide 57001-1274 Valve Guide Reamer: Valve Seat Outside Diameter .If the outside diameter of the seating pattern on the valve seat is too large or too small, repair the valve seat. Valve Seat Outside Diameter 3.
  • Page 54 4-18 ENGINE TOP END NOTE ODo not use a wire brush to remove the metal particles from the cutter. It will take off the diamond particles. 4. Setting the valve seat cutter holder in position, operate the cutter in one hand. Do not apply too much force to the diamond portion.
  • Page 55: Measure Valve-to-guide Clearance (wobble Method)

    ENGINE TOP END 4-19 Valve Seat Repair Valve lapping Widened width of engagement by machining Ground volume ° 32° with cutter cutter X- - - - aAfter making the 32° grind, return to the seat 0.0. Lapper 3. Valve measurement step above. 2.
  • Page 56: Cylinder, Pistons

    4-20 ENGINE TOP END Cylinder, Pistons Cylinder Removal • Remove the following. Cylinder Head (see Cylinder Head Removal) Camshaft Chain Guide (exhaust side) Water Pipe • Remove the cyl inder. Cylinder Installation • Install the new cylinder gasket. .Apply engine to the cylinder bore.
  • Page 57: Piston Removal

    ENGINE TOP END 4-21 Piston Removal • Remove the cyl inder (see this chapter) . • Place a clean cloth under the pistons and remove the .----- piston pin snap rings from the outside of each piston. '---- ® .Using the piston puller assembly (special tool), remove the piston pins.
  • Page 58: Piston Wear

    4-22 ENGINE TOP END Piston Ring End Gap Piston Wear .Place the piston ring inside the cylinder, using the • Measure the piston outside diameter 5 mm up from the piston to locate the ring squarely in place. Set it close bottom of the piston at a right angle to the direction of to the bottom of the cylinder, where cylinder wear is the piston pin...
  • Page 59: Carburetor Holders

    ENGINE TOP END 4-23 Muffler Carburetor Holders Removal Removal • Remove the following. • Remove the following. Lower Fairing Clamps Allen Bolts Radiator (Do not remove the hoses and not drain • Remove the inlet pipes. coolant.) • Remove the nuts and take off the exhaust pipe holders.
  • Page 60 CLUTCH Clut Table of Contents Exploded View ..5-2 Specifications ..5-3 ..5-3 Special Tools ..5-3 Sealant Clutch ..5-4 ..5-4 Clutch Adjustment Check ..5-4 Clutch Adjustment Clutch Release Lever Removal ..5-5 ..5-5 Clutch Release Lever Installation Notes ..5-5 Clutch Cover Removal ..5-5 Clutch Cover Installation Note...
  • Page 61: Exploded View

    5-2 CLUTCH Explod d View ® 12 N-m (1.2 kq-rn, 8.5 ft-Ib) N-m (1 kq-rn, 7 ft-Ib) (13.5 kg-m. 98 ft-Ib) Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads Apply a thin coat of a molybdenum disulfide grease. SS: Apply silicone sealant to the threads.
  • Page 62: Specifications

    CLUTCH 5-3 Specifications Item Standard Serv Limit Clutch: Clutch lever free play Friction plate thickness - 2.9 mm Friction and steel plate warp mm or under O.3mm Clutch spring fee length 32.6 Sealant Special Tools Kaw asaki Bond (Silicone Sealant]...
  • Page 63: Clutch Adjustment Check

    5-4 CLUTCH Clutch Due to the fiction plate wear and clutch cable stretch over a long period use, the clutch must be adjusted in accordance with the Periodic intenance Chart. To av oi d a serious burn, never touch the engine or exhaust pipe r in g...
  • Page 64: Clutch Release Lever Removal

    • After the adjustment is made, start the engine and check that the clutch does not slip and that it releases properly. Clutch Release Lever Removal Silicone Sealant (Kawasaki Bond: 56019-120) CAUTION .Clamp the pick-up coil wire as shown...
  • Page 65: Clutch Removal

    5-6 CLUTCH Cover Bolt A. Wrench B. Holder: 57001 -1243 • Remove the thrust washer, clutch hub, clutch cam, washer, clutch housing, needle bearing, collar, and spacer. Clutch Installation Notes .Clutch installation is the reverse of removal. attention to the following items. locking agent, 1.
  • Page 66: Friction Plate Wear, Damage Inspection

    CLUTCH CAUTION If new dry steel plates and friction plates are install- · ed, apply engine oil to the surf aces of each plate to clutch plate seizure When install the spring plate, align the marks on the hub and the plate. A.
  • Page 67: Friction Or Steel Plate Warp Inspection

    5-8 CLUTCH Friction or Steel Plate Warp Inspection Clutch Housing Finger Inspection • Place each friction plate or steel plate on a surface plate, .Visually inspect the fingers of the clutch housing where and measure the gap between the surface plate and the tang of the friction plates hit them.
  • Page 68 ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM 6-1 Engine Lubrication System Table of Contents Exploded View Engine Oil Flow Chart Specifications Special Tools Sealant Engine Oil and Oil Filter Oil Level Inspection Engine Oil Change Oil Filter Change Oil Pan Removal Installation Relief Valve. Oil Pump Filter Removal Installation Oil Pump...
  • Page 69 6-2 ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM Exploded View T1: 1.5 N-m (0.15 kg-m.13 in-Ib) 4.4 N (0.45 kq-rn, 39 in -Ib) T3: 9.8 (1.0 kq-rn, 7.0 ft-Ib) T4: 12 N-m (1 kq-rn, ft-Ib) 15 N-m (1 .5 kq-rn, ft-Ib) T6: 17 N-m (1 -rn, 12.5 ft-Ib) T7: 20 N-m (2.0 kq-rn, 14...
  • Page 70 .U BR!CAT'O N 'V! 'T M 6··3 <S( R---@...

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