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General Information - Electrolux CSIG 417 Operating And Installation Instructions

Gas cooker
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For your safety
Do not block any of the appliance vents.
Never line any part of the appliance with aluminium foil.
Do not let items which can catch fire or electric mains leads such
as kettle flexes trail over any part of the appliance.

General information

Moving your appliance
You may damage some soft or badly fitted floor coverings when you
move the appliance. The floor covering under the appliance should be
securely fixed so it does not ruck up when you move the appliance
across it. Alternatively you could remove the floor covering.
To move the appliance open the grill door. Raise the appliance off
its front feet by lifting from inside the grill. Pull the appliance forward.
When you replace the appliance push it back to the stop and make sure
there is the same gap at each rear corner.
The battery
The battery for the ignition will usually
last for many months. If the ignition
system doesn't work you probably
need to replace the battery.
The battery is at the base of the
appliance on the left-hand side of the
front. When you need to replace the
battery, open the main oven door, lift
up the battery holder lid and replace
the battery as shown in the diagram.
The battery you need to replace is AA
When you fit the new battery, make
sure the positive end (marked with a + sign) is next to the (+) sign on the
battery holder. Close the lid of the battery holdler.
You can light the burners with a match until you have time to change the
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Table of Contents

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