Crystal Surround Air Track
(Active Speaker System)
the possibilities
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    HW-F450 Crystal Surround Air Track (Active Speaker System) user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www.samsung.com/register...

  • Page 2: License

    Multi-function Remote Control The supplied remote control can be used to control the TV connected to this unit. (Works only for Samsung TVs) The remote control has a TV hotkey that enables you to perform various operations with the simple press of a button.

  • Page 3: Safety Information, Safety Warnings, Important Safety Instructions

    safety information safety Warnings tO reDUce tHe risK Of eLectric sHOcK, DO nOt reMOVe tHe cOVer(Or BacK). nO User-serViceaBLe Parts are insiDe. refer serVicing tO QUaLifieD serVice PersOnneL. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN The lighting flash and Arrowhead within the caUtiOn: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF The exclamation point within the triangle is a triangle are warning signs alerting you to...

  • Page 4: Precautions

    PrecaUtiOns 2.7 inch 3.9 inch 3.9 inch 3.9 inch Ensure that the AC power supply in your house complies with the power requirements listed on the identification sticker located on the back of your product. Install your product horizontally, on a suitable base (furniture), with enough space around it for ventilation (3~4 inch- es).

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    contents FeAtUReS Features License SAFety INFORMAtION Safety warnings Precautions gettINg StARteD Before reading the User’s manual What’s included DeSCRIPtIONS Front/Rear Panel ReMOte CONtROL Tour of the remote control CONNeCtIONS Installing the wall mount Connecting the Wireless Subwoofer Attaching the Toroidal Ferrite Core to the Power Cord of the Subwoofer Looping the Power Cable around the Toroidal Core...

  • Page 6: What's Included

    2013 Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. © All rights reserved; no part or whole of this user’s manual may be reproduced or copied without the prior written permission of Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. WHat’s incLUDeD Check for the supplied accessories shown below. POWER...

  • Page 7

    PaneL reMOte The remote control can operate Connect USB devices such as cOntrOL Air Tracks made by SAMSUNG UsB POrt MP3 players here to the play sensOr only. files on the devices. Connect to the digital (optical) DisPLay Displays the current mode.

  • Page 8: Remote Control, Tour Of The Remote Control, Installing Batteries In The Remote Control

    Mutes the sound from the unit. Press again to restore the sound to the previous volume level. ▪ SAT stands for Surround Air Track, which is a Samsung’s proprietary name. ▪ The remote control can operate TVs made by SAMSUNG only. ▪...

  • Page 9: Installing The Wall Mount, Installation Precautions

    connections instaLLing tHe WaLL MOUnt You can use the wall mount bracket to mount this unit on a wall. Installation Precautions • Install on a vertical wall only. • For the installation, avoid a location with high temperature or humidity, or a wall that cannot sustain the weight of the set.

  • Page 10: Connecting The Wireless Subwoofer

    connections cOnnecting tHe WireLess sUBWOOfer The Subwoofer's linking ID is preset at the factory and the main unit and subwoofer should link (connect STANDBY wirelessly) automatically when the main unit is turned on. If the link indicator ( ) does not light when the main LINK unit and subwoofer are turned on, please set the ID by following the procedure below.

  • Page 11: Attaching The Toroidal Ferrite Core To The, Looping Power Cable

    attacHing tHe tOrOiDaL ferrite cOre tO tHe POWer cOrD Of tHe sUBWOOfer Attaching the Toroidal ferrite core to the power cord of the subwoofer helps prevent RF interference from radio signals. 1. Pull the fixing tab of the Toroidal ferrite core to open it. 2.

  • Page 12: Connecting External Device Using Hdmi Cable

    connections cOnnecting an eXternaL DeVice Using HDMi caBLe HDMI is the standard digital interface for connecting to such devices as a TVs, projectors, DVD players, Blu-ray players, set top boxes, and more. HDMI removes any loss of signal from analog conversion, enabling you to enjoy video and audio sound quality as it was originally created in the digital source.

  • Page 13

    cOnnecting an eXternaL DeVice Using aUDiO (anaLOg) caBLe Or OPticaL (DigitaL) caBLe This unit comes equipped with one optical in digital jack and one audio analog in jack, giving you two ways to connect it to a TV. OPTICAL IN Optical cable (not supplied) OPTICAL AUX IN...

  • Page 14: Bluetooth

    functions INPUt MODe You can select D.IN, AUX, HDMI, BT, TV input or USB input. input mode Display Optical Digital input D.IN aUX input HDMi input HDMI BLUetOOtH mode POWER tV mode POWER TV POWER TV POWER AUTO SOURCE POWER SPEAKER TV SOURCE SoundShare REPEAT UsB mode...

  • Page 15: To Connect The Air Track To A Bluetooth Device, To Connect To Bluetooth Device

    • When the Air Track is connected to the Bluetooth device, it will display Bt cOnnecteD ➡ Bt on the front display. • If the Bluetooth device has failed to pair with the Air Track, delete the previous “[Samsung] AirTrack” found by the Bluetooth device and have it search for the Air Track again.

  • Page 16: Soundshare, Disconnecting Bluetooth Device & Air Track

    The Air Track automatically turns off after 20 minutes in the Ready state. sOUnDsHare This section explains how to connect the Crystal Surround Air Track to a Bluetooth compatible SAMSUNG TV. to connect the Crystal Surround Air track to a Bluetooth compatible...

  • Page 17

    - recommended operation range: within 16.25 ft. (5m) ▪ If the distance between the Air Track and Samsung TV is over 16.25 ft. (5m), the connection or the sound can be cut off. If this occurs, connect to the Bluetooth device again within the operational range.

  • Page 18: Using The Remote Control, Functions

    functions • Connect USB devices directly to the USB port of the product. Otherwise, you may encounter a USB compatibility problem. • Do not connect multiple storage devices to the product via a multi-card reader. It may not operate properly. • Digital camera PTP protocols are not supported.

  • Page 19: Muting The Sound


  • Page 20

    functions Using the AUtO POWeR LINK function POWER TV POWER POWER TV POWER AUTO SOURCE POWER SPEAKER TV SOURCE The Crystal Surround Air Track is automatically turned on when you turn on the SoundShare REPEAT AUTO TV or any device connected to the Air Track with the optical cable. POWER SPEAKER TV SOURCE SOURCE TV VOL...

  • Page 21: Software Upgrade

    REPEAT The Anynet+ function turns on and off each time you press Anynet+. MUTE LEVEL LEVEL 3D SOUND 1. Connect the product to a Samsung TV with an the HDMI cable. PLUS TV VOL TV CH AUDIO SYNC AH59-02547B (See page 12)

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    (tV pairing) failed. • D oes your TV support • S oundShare is supported by SoundShare? some Samsung TVs released after 2012. Check your TV to • I s your TV firmware the latest see if it supports SoundShare. version? • U pdate your TV with the latest • D oes an error occur when firmware.

  • Page 23: Specifications

    * S/N ratio, distortion, separation and usable sensitivity are based on measurement using AES (Audio Engineering Society) guidelines. *: Nominal specification - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. - Weight and dimensions are approximate. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Samsung...

  • Page 24

    SAMSUNG for problem determination and service procedures. Warranty service can only be performed by a SAMSUNG authorized service center. The original dated bill of sale must be presented upon request as proof of purchase to SAMSUNG or SAMSUNG's authorized service center. Transportation of the product to and from the service center is the responsibility of the purchaser.

  • Page 25

    QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRY CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WRITE 1-800-SAMSUNG Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 85 Challenger U.S.A www.samsung.com (726-7864) Road Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 AH68-02644D-00...

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    I have a Samsung Sound bar and Subwoofer set Model HW-F450

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  • Javier garcis Jul 09, 2017 10:57:
    My sub is not connecting to the sound bar.
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    I was given a samsung wireless and active subwoofer model no. Ps wc450 and have no idea how to work it with my LG n9518. Can you help?
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    I need the English version of the manual