Check Operation - Electrolux 318201475 Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux gas cooktop installation instructions
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Check Operation

Refer to the Use and Care Guide packaged with the
cooktop for operating instructions and for care and
cleaning of your cooktop.
Do not touch the burners. They may be
hot enough to cause burns.
1. Burner Bases and Burner Caps
This range is equipped with sealed burners as shown
(Figure 8). All pieces are at their place. Take note where
they are. Remove all packaging material located
under the Dual Surface burner head. Make sure the
burner is properly aligned and leveled.
NOTE: There are no burner adjustments necessary on
this range.
30" Model
Burner Cap
Burner Base
36" model
Fixed Burner Ring
Dual Surface
Figure 8
2. Turn on Electrical Power and Open Main Shutoff
Gas Valve
3. Check the Igniters
Operation of electric igniters should be checked after
range and supply line connectors have been carefully
checked for leaks and range has been connected to
electric power. To check for proper lighting:
a.Push in and turn a surface burner knob to the LITE
position. All electronic surface ignitors will spark at the
same time. However, only the burner you are turning
on will ignite.
b.The surface burner should light once the flow of gas
reached the surface burner. Each burner should light
within four (4) seconds in normal operation after air
has been purged from supply lines. Visually check that
burner has lit.
c. Once the burner lights, the control knob should be
rotated out of the LITE position.
There are separate ignition devices for each burner. Try each
knob separately until all burner valves have been checked.
4. Adjust the "LOW" Setting of Regular Burner (see
figure 8) on the Surface Burner Valves (Figure 9):
a. Push in and turn control to LITE until burner ignites.
b. Quickly turn knob to LOWEST POSITION.
c. If burner goes out, reset control to OFF.
d. Remove the surface burner control knob and
decorative ring.
e. Insert a thin-bladed screwdriver into the hollow valve
stem and engage the slotted screw inside. Flame size
can be increased or decreased by turning the screw.
Turn counterclockwise to increase flame size. Turn
clockwise to decrease flame size. Adjust flame until
you can quickly turn knob from LITE to LOWEST
POSITION without extinguishing the flame. Flame
should be as small as possible without going out.
Note: Air mixture adjustment is not required on surface
Burner Cap
Fixed Burner Ring
and Burner Base
Regular Burner
Figure 9



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