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Switch Block - Electrolux ES 15/1 Instruction Manual

Electrolux chain saw instruction manual
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sure that the cable/ extension cord is kept behind the
user, controlling that it does not create a source of
danger for the user or for other persons, and check
that it cannot be damaged (by heat, sharp objects,
sharp edges, oil, etc); Always assume a stable
standing position on both legs; keep the handles dry
and clean; during use keep all body parts and
clothing well clear of the chain; turn off the switch,
wait until the chain has stopped turning, and activate
the chain brake lever before putting down the saw;
never attempt to cut at heights over shoulder height;
always handle the machine with the utmost care;
check that the oil level never drops below MIN level,
controlling frequently, before and during use; Always
remain on the left hand side of the machine during
use, and take great care if the bar needs to be
inserted in a previously cut slit; remove the bar from
the slit when the chain is still in rotation.
12. Transport and storage precautions. Each time
the work area is changed to another location,
disconnect the machine from the main line and
activate the chain brake lever. Mount the guide bar
cover guard each time before transporting or storage.
Always carry the machine by hand with the bar facing
backwards, or when transporting the machine in a
vehicle, always attach it securely to prevent damage.
Never carry the machine by the cable. After use,
store the machine in a dry, high place, far from heat
sources and out of reach of children.


Your machine is equipped with a device (fig.1) that
when deactivated, stops the switch from being
pressed thus preventing accidental start-up.
(for ES18 models only)
Your machine is equipped with a device that blocks
the chain immediately as soon as the switch is
released; If this device should not work at any time,
the machine must NOT be used, and must be taken
to an Authorised Service Centre.
13. Precautions against fire risk. Never use the
machine in areas where there are naked flames,
inflammable or potentially explosive materials.
14. Kickback reaction. The kickback reaction
consists of a violent upwards-reverse action of the
bar towards the user. This generally occurs if the
upper part of the bar nose (called the "kickback
danger zone") comes into contact with some object,
or if the chain is blocked in the wood. The kickback
reaction is a very quick sudden motion along the bar
cutting plane (generally in an upward direction, but
this also depends on the machine position during
cutting action). Kickback can make the user loose
control of the machine provoking dangerous and
even mortal accidents (i.e: if the saw with the chain in
rotation is thrust back against the user). The chain
brake lever and other safety devices are not sufficient
to protect the user against injury: the user must be
well aware of the conditions that can provoke the
reaction, and prevent them by paying very close
attention according to experience, together with
prudent and correct machine handling (for example:
never cut several branches at a time because this
can cause accidental impact on the "kickback danger
zone"; never mount incorrect bars or chains; make
sure the chain is always sharp and sharpen
according to correct methods, because incorrect
sharpening can cause kickback; when choosing the
bar, remember that the smaller the nose radius, the
smaller the kickback danger zone).
The front hand guard (fig.2) is designed to prevent
your left hand from coming into contact with the chain
(on condition that the machine is held correctly
according to instructions) . The front hand guard also
acts as a chain brake, including a device that blocks
the chain in a few fractions of a second in the case of
kickback. The chain brake is released when the front
hand guard is pulled backwards and blocked in
position (the chain is able to move). The chain brake
is activated when the front hand guard is pushed
forward (the chain is blocked).

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