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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Upgrade Manual: Power On The Netserver

Hp netserver lxr 8000 to lxr 8500 upgrade guide.
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Chapter 6
If the control panel LCD is dark, check the following:
The power supply LEDs are blinking green.
The AC power cable is plugged in correctly to a 200-240V AC
The data and power cables that run from the LCD to the front panel
board on the processor tray are connected properly.

Power On the NetServer

Turn on power to the NetServer and look for the following:
The fans turn on.
The control panel LCD reads
seconds and then goes blank.
The green, power LEDs for all ten PCI slots at the rear of the NetServer
should light up. There is one power LED for each PCI slot.
If some of the PCI power LEDs do not turn on, check to make
sure that each slot's PCI hold-down latch is closed. (See Figure
5-11 to identify the PCI hold-down latches.) Make sure that
each PCI slot cover is in place. (See Figure 7-2 to identify the
PCI slot covers.)
The control panel LCD at the front of the NetServer displays a sequence of
messages such as
, and so on. After the video test, text is displayed on the monitor.
The monitor displays text similar to the following:
Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
Copywrite 1985-1999 Phoenix Technologies Ltd., All Rights Reserved
SABR 1.86L.000X.B.9904022002
Build Time: XXXX
1X Pentium® III Xeon™ Processor 500 MHz (**Number and Speed of CPUs**)
000000640K System RAM Passed
0256K TAG RAM Passed
00261120K ECC Memory Initialized
00261120K Extended RAM Passed
0512K Cache SRAM Passed
System Powered On
Memory Test
Initializing PCI
(**BIOS Version**)
(**Cache Coherency Filter Size**)
(**Amount of Memory**)
(**CPU Cache Size**)
Preliminary Hardware Verification
for a few


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