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Use In A Wet Environment (Stz-D10S); When Handling The Device (Stz-D10S); When In Use - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

Portable music system
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Use in a wet environment (STZ-D10S)

STZ-D10S is not drip-proof. When using, prevent exposure to water. Do not use in the following environments.
! Humid places
! Places where the product is easily exposed to water.
! Near the beach or on the beach.
This could cause rust.

When handling the device (STZ-D10S)

When carrying around this unit, do not hold the cover area tightly. The iPod cover may open and the unit may
drop out.

When in use

 Noise and etiquette
Playing music is fun but depending on circumstances, annoying. Please be considerate of others when using the device. It is up to your consideration
whether the volume is turned high or low.
In particular, even the smallest noise can be a nuisance in public places and during the night when it's quiet. Be considerate of others and create a
pleasurable environment.
 When used by children
When children are using the device, a parent or guardian should teach them how to use it. Also, please make sure that they are using the device as


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