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Introduction; Checking What's In The Box; Installing The Unit; About Drip Proofing (Stz-D10T Only) - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

Portable music system
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Checking what's in the box

! Remote control unit
! Lithium battery (CR2025)
! USB cable
! AC adapter (1 set)
! Warranty card
! Quick start guide

Installing the unit

! When installing this unit, make sure to put it on a level and stable surface.
Don't install it on the following places:
– on a color TV (the screen may distort)
– near a cassette deck (or close to a device that gives off a magnetic field). This may interfere with the sound.
– in direct sunlight
– in extremely hot or cold areas
– in places where there is vibration or other movement
– in places that are very dusty
– in places that have hot fumes or oils (such as a kitchen)
! When in use, do not stand the device up, prop it up against anything or hang it from anything.
! Do not sit or stand on top of the device.
! When carrying the device, hold the entire device firmly. Do not swing the device around by the handle.

About drip proofing (STZ-D10T only)

Observe the following precautions in regard to the device's drip proofing.
! Do not place the unit in water.
! Do not expose the unit to a large amount of water.
! Do not splash the unit with water.
! Do not expose to the rain for long periods of time.
! Do not pour or place in warm water or water containing soap or detergent.
! Do not use in a humid environment such as a bathroom.
! Do not use near or on the beach.
This could cause rust. When exposed to seawater, thoroughly wipe off the moisture immediately with a dry cloth.
! Ensure that the battery cover, the iPod cover and the outlet cover are closed during use.
The rubber packing on the cover drip-proofs the device. Make sure this packing does not get soiled or damaged.
If the rubber packing does become soiled, wipe it clean with a dry, clean cloth.
! Do not open the battery cover, the iPod cover or the outlet cover in humid environments in which the device could get exposed to
Do not replace batteries or insert or remove an iPod when your hands are wet.
! If the device is exposed to a large amount of water or moisture, immediately wipe it down with a dry cloth.
Only open or close the battery cover, the iPod cover or the outlet cover after having completely wiped off any moisture around them, with dry hands
and in an environment where the unit would not get exposed to water again.
! If the device does get exposed to water, thoroughly dry all of the crevices on the unit's body into which water might have reached.
The water might have reached the interior of the device. Do not carry the unit if it is still wet.
! Do not use the remote control, AC adapter or headphones when in proximity to water.
Only the device itself has been treated to be drip proof.
This unit has been designed with water-resistance equivalent to standards IPX2(*) as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Malfunctions due to water damage caused by improper use are not covered by product warranty, even if they occur within the warranty period.
! Depending on conditions of use, the properties of the drip proofing are not necessarily guaranteed even during the warranty period.
! The unit is only drip-proof when the iPod cover is closed and rotated to the correct position.
*IPX2: The unit must be protected from water drops that fall vertically onto it when the unit is at an angle of 15 degrees or less.


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