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Ipod/Iphone; Condensation; If Problem Occurs - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

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The device doesn't recognize iPod touch/iPhone.
! Try the following.
1. Simultaneously keep pressing the sleep button and home button on the iPod touch or iPhone for over 10 seconds to restart.
2. Turn on the device.
3. Connect the iPod touch/iPhone to the device.
"Communication error." shows in the display.
! The device cannot communicate properly with an iPod. Remove the iPod/iPhone from the device and reconnect firmly once confirming that the
main menu is displayed on the iPod/iPhone's screen. Reset the iPod/iPhone if it still doesn't function properly.
"Not supported." shows in the display.
! An iPod incompatible with the device is connected. Make sure that the model is compatible (see page 19).
"iPod Over Current error." shows in the display.
! Reconnect the iPod. Turn off the device and reconnect the iPod if the same message is still displayed.
"This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" appears on iPhone screen.
! The iPhone battery is low. Please charge the iPhone.
! The iPhone may be tilted and not correctly connected. Remove from unit once, and try to reconnect properly.
"This accessory is not supported by iPhone" appears on iPhone screen.
! The iPhone may be tilted and not correctly connected. Remove from unit once, and try to reconnect properly.


Condensation may occur to the inside of the unit if it is carried from a cold area to a warm area during winter or when the room temperature rises
quickly in a heated room. The unit will not move normally if it is condensed. Though it will vary on the degree of condensation, if the electricity is turned
on and left for 1 – 2 hours, the temperature of the unit will be maintained at room temperature, allowing condensation to evaporate and the unit to be
used normally. Even during the summer, if the air from the air conditioner flows directly to the unit, it may cause condensation. If that happens, change
the location of the unit.

If problem occurs

When this product is subjected to strong external interference (mechanical shock, excessive static electricity, abnormal supply voltage due to light-
ning, etc.) or if it is operated incorrectly, it may malfunction.
If such a problem occurs, do the following:
1. Set the unit to the stand-by mode and turn the power on again.
2. If the unit is not restored in the previous operation, unplug and plug in the unit again, and then turn the power on.
If neither operation above restores the unit, clear all the memory by resetting it. See Resetting the device on page 30.


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