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Updating The Firmware - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

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Updating the firmware

! Cannot be updated if the unit is using batteries. Connect the unit to an AC adaptor, and update after connecting the unit to a PC.
! Do not in any circumstances unplug the power cord until "Update completed." is displayed when the firmware is being updated in accordance with
the 7 steps below.
! Firmware updates may take more than the time described below depending on your network environment.
1 Turn on the PC and launch the MIXTRAX.
2 Connect the AC adapter to the device and turn the power on.
3 Use the supplied USB cable to connect the PC to the 'PC connect' terminal on rear panel of this device.
4 Press the "Check for updates." button on MIXTRAX.
5 Operate according to the instructions displayed on the MIXTRAX screen.
"Preparations for the update of the device's firmware is complete." will be displayed on the MIXTRAX screen.
6 Remove the device from the PC.
When removing the device from the PC, do so according to the correct way for removing USB devices from PCs.
7 The device's firmware update will start. Please wait.
Do not unplug the power cord until the firmware update is completed.
! The unit will restart automatically during update.
! Update progress can be confirmed with the power indicator (LED) and the indication on the display.
<Unit while firmware being updated>
Checking firmware
↓(May take about 10 minutes)
↓(May take several minutes)
Update completed
8 Firmware update is completed.
If the power indicator lights up and "Update completed." is displayed, the unit's firmware update has been successful.
"Updating the software. Never unplug the power cord."
"Update completed."


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