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Use Various Playback Control Functions; Tempo Control Function; Eight Skip Function; Using Cue Control - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

Portable music system
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2 Use a/b to select 'Rhythm Machine', then press ENTER.
A Rhythm Sequence selection screen for the Rhythm Machine mode will be shown.
3 Start a track playback by selecting a rhythm sequence.
! To end the Rhythm Machine playback, press the EXIT button. The device will resume to the Stop status for the track that was played back in a
function effective before the Rhythm Machine mode.
By pressing the TOOLS button and selecting Setting during a playback in the Rhythm Machine mode, the screen will return to the settings screen for
the Rhythm Machine mode in step 2.

Use various playback control functions

Tempo Control function

You can adjust the tempo without changing the pitch of the track.
% Adjust the tempo by pressing the TEMPO+/- during a playback.
The tempo can be adjusted within the range between -50% and +50%.
! When a new track is played back or a new function takes effect, the tempo will switch back to the default settings (0%).
! You cannot use the tempo control function during a playback in the Battle or DJ Mix mode.

Eight Skip function

You can change the playback position in units of eighths (eight beats).
! You can adjust from 1- to 8- eighths each time you press a button. Please refer to Configure the Playback settings on page 29 for more information.
% Adjust the playback position by pressing the 8 SKIPo/p during a playback.
To move to the preferred playback position, please press the button repeatedly.
You cannot use the Eight Skip function during a playback in the Battle, DJ Mix or Rhythm Machine mode.

Using Cue control

You can place a cue point at any desired location within a music track, then play back later from that point.
! You can set the cue point for each track.
1 Press CUE MEMO during playback.
A cue point will be placed.
2 Press CUE CALL to call a cue point.
! Only one cue point can be placed per music track.
! You cannot use the cue control during a playback in the Battle, DJ Mix or Rhythm Machine mode.
! When MIXTRAX is used for the following operation after cue point has been set-up, the set-up cue point will be deleted.
- When analyzed music data is re-sent to the unit or USB memory.
- When all the data sent to the unit are deleted.
Rhythm Machine
Preset 1
Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 4
Preset 5
Cue point is set.


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