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Connecting Auxiliary Components - Pioneer STZ-D10T-G Operating Instructions Manual

Portable music system
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 About iPhone playback
! Sound will only switch from iPhone to the device after authentication process is completed in approximately 10 seconds.
! Incoming calls will pause the playback and iPhone ringtones will be heard from the device speakers only.
! Once the calls are answered, the conversation can only be heard through the built-in iPhone speaker. Turn on the iPhone speaker or remove the
iPhone to start conversation.
 About iPod/iPhone's battery charge function
An iPod/iPhone will automatically begin recharging when it is connected while the product is connected to a power source by an AC adapter.
! The battery will continue to recharge even when a function other than one for the iPod is selected.
! The iPod/iPhone will not be recharged while the product is using batteries.

Connecting auxiliary components

You can connect an audio device, such as a portable music player, to the product's external input terminal and play the sound from the product.
Connect by using a commercially available stereo mini-jack cable.
STZ-D10T only: The product is not guaranteed to be drip-proof when the terminal cover on the back of the product is left opened to connect a auxiliary
playback component.
1 Press uSTANDBY/ON to turn on the power of this unit.
2 Connect your auxiliary playback component to the AUX IN terminal on the rear panel.
When a playback component is connected to the AUX IN terminal, the product will automatically switch to the AUX IN function.
! If the product does not switch to the AUX IN function, please press the FUNC button repeatedly and select AUX IN.
3 Start a track playback by controlling an audio device.
! This method can be used to play music on this unit from iPods that do not support use of an iPod connector.
! When a player is connected to an external input terminal, the playback of that player cannot be controlled from this product. Please control from
the player itself.
! If the AUX IN jack is connected to auxiliary phones jack, the volume of the unit will be adjusted by the volume on the playback component. If the
sound is distorted after you lower the volume of the unit, try lowering the volume on the auxiliary playback component.
DC IN 12 V
PC connect
5V 500mA
Digital audio
player, etc.


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