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Instrument Maintenance - Yamaha YAS-23 Owner's Manual

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Instrument Maintenance

■ Instrument Maintenance After Playing
After playing the instrument, use the following procedures to remove moisture and dirt
from the inside of the instrument.
● Remove the reed, then use a cleaning swab
(sold separately) to clean the inside of the
The cleaning swab is also used to clean the
inside of the instrument's neck and body.
* To prevent damage to the end of the mouth-
piece, do not pull the swab all the way through
the mouthpiece.
* Always keep the cleaning swab clean and dry.
● When the pads are wet, place a cleaning paper
(sold separately) between the pad and the tone
hole and press the pads lightly to completely
remove the moisture.
● On baritone saxophones, remove moisture
using the water keys.
● Use a polishing cloth to wipe the instrument's
* When wiping be careful not to apply excessive
force on the keys or damage the pads.
* Take care not to let the polishing cloth get
caught on the pin springs, etc.
● Since the tonehole on the octave key is small
and becomes easily clogged, use a tonehole
cleaner (sold separately) to clean the hole

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