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Hints And Tips - Electrolux ESF2210DW User Manual

Compact dishwasher, for a maximum of 6 place settings.
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• When the countdown is completed,
the programme starts.
Opening the door while the
appliance operates
If you open the door, the appliance stops.
When you close the door, the appliance
continues from the point of interruption.
Cancelling the delay start while
the countdown operates
Do the Reset function.
When you cancel the delay start,
you have to set the programme
Cancelling the programme
Do the Reset function.


8.1 The water softener
Hard water contains a high quantity of
minerals that can cause damage to the
appliance and bad washing results. The
water softener neutralises these minerals.
8.2 Loading the baskets
max 260 mm
230 mm
190 mm
Make sure that there is detergent
in the detergent dispenser before
you start a new programme.
At the end of the programme
When the programme is completed, the
end indicator comes on. If you do not de-
activate the appliance within 3 minutes,
only the programme indicator stays on.
This helps to decrease energy consump-
1. Press the on/off button to deactivate
the appliance.
2. Close the water tap.
Let the dishes become cold be-
fore you remove them from the
appliance. Hot dishes are easily
The dishwasher salt keeps the water soft-
ener clean and in good conditions. It is
important to set the right level of the water
softener. This makes sure that the water
softener uses the correct quantity of dish-
washer salt and water.
• Only use the appliance to wash items
that are dishwasher-safe.
• Do not put in the appliance items made
of wood, horn, aluminium, pewter and
• Do not put in the appliance items that
can absorb water (sponges, household
• Remove remaining food from the items.
• Make soft the remaining burned food
on the items.



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