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Sony HMZ-T2 Reference Manual Page 33

Head mounted display.
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There is no sound /
There is static /
Volume cannot be
There is no surround-
sound effect
There is no bass
p The headphone plug is not connected properly. If the headphones
are connected improperly, the sound from the headphones will be
impaired. Insert the headphone plug until it clicks into place
(page 11).
p The headphone plug is dirty. Clean the headphone plug with a
soft dry cloth.
p Adjust the volume using the VOL +/– buttons.
p Refer to the "Startup Guide" and confirm that the AC power cord
(mains lead), HDMI cable, and connecting cord of the head
mounted unit are connected correctly.
p Confirm that the source signal is supported by the system. For
information on supported signals, see "Supported HDMI input
and output signals:" in "Specifications" (page 36). If the input
signal is unsupported, check the audio output settings of
connected equipment.
p When the PlayStation
the video and audio output settings on the PS3™ do not match
those of this system or the cable and TV in use, there may be no
video and audio outputs. If such symptoms occur, turn off the
PS3™, and then turn it on again by pressing its power button for
at least 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound twice. The video
and audio output settings will automatically be reset to the
standard settings.
p If there is no video output when this system is used with
playback equipment other than the PlayStation
momentarily stop playback, and then resume playback. If the
issue persists, try restarting the playback equipment.
p If equipment is connected to the processor unit via an AV
amplifier (receiver), try connecting the equipment directly to the
processor unit instead. For details, refer to the instruction manual
of the equipment used.
p When the system is connected to HDMI CEC-compatible home
theater systems or AV amplifiers (receivers), check the following
– Make sure the "Control for HDMI" setting in "General Setup"
is set to "On" (page 27).
– Make sure "Control for HDMI" is activated on the AV
amplifier (receiver) or other equipment. For details, refer to the
instruction manual of the equipment used.
p For multi-channel LPCM input, make sure the "LPCM Multi-Ch.
Mode" setting in "General Setup" is set to "On" (page 26).
p Make sure the "Surround" setting in "Sound" is not set to "Off"
(page 25).
p Make sure the "Type of Headphones" setting in "Sound" is
correct for the type of headphones in use (page 26).
p Sound perception varies by listener.
p Make sure that the earbuds fit snugly in your ears (page 16).
3 (PS3™) is used with this system and if
3 (PS3™),


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