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Sony HMZ-T2 Reference Manual Page 24

Head mounted display.
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24p True Cinema
Wide Mode
Not available during 3D
Not available during 3D
On: Displays 24 fps video faithfully at 24 fps. Cinematic
content of this kind is available on Blu-ray disc. Provides
a viewing experience similar to that in theaters.
Off: Deactivates this function. 24 fps video signals are
displayed after upconversion to 60 fps.
• Activating this function when "Panel Drive Mode" is set to "Clear"
may make the screen appear to flicker (depending on the source
signal), which may be distracting. In this case, either deactivate this
function or set "Panel Drive Mode" to "Normal."
Normal: Displays the images at the original 4:3 aspect ratio.
Full: Displays 4:3 content in full-screen, stretching the images
horizontally. 16:9 content is also displayed full-screen, at
the original aspect ratio.
Zoom: Enlarges the images vertically and horizontally,
preserving the original aspect ratio.
• "Normal" is not available with HD input sources (1080i, 720p, or
Adjusts the display area.
Auto: Automatically adjusts the picture to the optimal display
On: Hides image edges. Select in case of issues such as noise at
images edges.
Off: Displays the entire image.


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