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Configuring Security-lifestyle Associations; Configuring Telephone Settings - Honeywell W7006A User Manual

Home controller gateway.
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Product Release Version 3.x.x.
To change the security user code:
To change the remote access code:
To change the security associations:
Both codes must be four digits, using only the numerals 0–9. You may use the same
four digits for both the security user code and the remote access code.
If you forget either password (security user code or your remote access code)
call your system installer.
The user code for the security system is programmed directly into the Ademco security
panel. Refer to Security System User's Manual for instructions.
On the System Configuration page of the MyHome Portal Web site:
1. Select Passwords in the Show settings for list.
2. Type in the existing access code in the first box.
3. Type the new access code in the second box.
4. Re-enter the new code in the third box.
5. Click the Apply button.
If your Home & Away System installation does not include a security system, disregard
the Security Settings configuration page.
Each security level (such as Arm, Disarm, Instant, Stay, and Max) may be assigned a
Group (such as Home, Sleep, Away, Custom). If an assignment is made, a Lifestyle will
be activated each time its associated security level is activated. For example, if the
Sleep Lifestyle is assigned to the security level, Instant, each time security is changed to
Instant, the Sleep Group will automatically be activated. This means the Sleep Lifestyle
overrides any other Lifestyles or Schedules that are currently active.
1. On the System Configuration page select Security in the Show settings for list.
2. Select a Group from the pull-down list next to a security level shown on the right
3. Click Apply.
If you have an answering machine or answering service from your telephone
company, we recommend you set the Home Controller number-of-rings-before-pick-up
to be twice the number-of-rings-before-pick-up that is used by the answering
machine/service. See the table below for suggested settings. (It is recommended that
you have a telephone setting of at least 3.) The maximum setting is ten. If the number of
rings is set to zero, the telephone answering function is disabled.
machine/service call
pick-up setting
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Configuring Security-Lifestyle Associations

Configuring Telephone Settings

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