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Defining Schedules - Honeywell W7006A User Manual

Home controller gateway.
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Product Release Version 3.x.x.
A note about scheduling conflicts: When many events are programmed for a Schedule, it is possible to have conflicting
To define a Lights and
Appliance Schedule:
operates until it is turned off or a different Schedule is activated (rather than
running only on specific days).
events. For example, a light may originally have been programmed to turn on at 5:00
pm and a recent addition to the schedule has the same light turning off at 5:00 pm. This
will cause the light to turn on and off in 1-2 second intervals, as the Home & Away
Controller System tries to accommodate both Scheduled events. To solve this problem,
delete one of the conflicting events.
You can define schedules for Lights and Appliances or for each thermostat by day of
week or for vacations.
For Lights and Appliance Schedules, you add device events or Lifestyle and set times at
which the events occur. By defining Lifestyles as explained in an earlier task, you can
set a collection of device changes to occur at one time rather setting each event
individually in the Schedule.
For thermostats, you can set the time at which each Period starts and the heating and
cooling set points for the periods.
1. Click the Details button in the Scheduled Control area of the Home page. Home
Controller displays the Scheduled Control page.
2. Select the day for which you wish to define a schedule.
3. Click the Change Schedule under the Show all events for the schedule: Lights
and Appliances. Home Controller displays the schedule for the selected day.
4. Add or Delete events as needed.
To add an event:
Click the appropriate Add button (an appliance, a light, or a Lifestyle). Home
Controller displays an add dialog for the device type you selected.
Select the name of the device or Lifestyle to add from the Select Appliance
or Select Lifestyle drop-down list.
c. For appliances, select the device setting (on or off) from the Set State drop-
down list.
d. In the Time area, set the time at which the event should occur. You can set
an exact time, have the event occur at a specific number of minutes before
or after sunset/sunrise, or have it occur randomly (Lived In Look).
To set an exact time for the event to occur, click the Time of Day
selection button, then select hours and minutes from the drop-downs,
and click the option for either am or pm.
To have the event occur in relation to Sunrise, click the Sunrise
selection button. Then choose either minutes before sunrise, at
sunrise, or minutes after sunrise. Specify the number of minutes
before or after sunrise by clicking the up or down arrow in the minutes
To have the event occur in relation to Sunset, click the Sunset
selection button. Then choose either minutes before sunset, at sunset,
or minutes after sunset. Specify the number of minutes before or after
sunset by clicking the up or down arrow in the minutes box.
In Lived-in look, select Yes if you want Home Controller to vary the time
device settings are changed. Time is varied plus or minus 15 minutes from
the time set in step d. Select No if you want the device settings to always
be changed at the exact time specified in the step d.
Click OK to save the event and close the dialog. (Click Cancel if you decide
not to add this event to the Schedule.)
To delete an event:
Click the selection button next to the event you wish to delete.
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Defining Schedules



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