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B A T T E R I E S; Rechargeable Nimh Battery; Using Rechargeable Nimh Battery - Motorola Talkabout T280 User Manual

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B a t t e r i e s

Your Talkabout radio operates with either a Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
rechargeable battery or 3 AA alkaline batteries (battery tray required).
The NiMH rechargeable battery will provide approximately 11 hours of
operation with normal use. Normal use for the rechargeable battery is approx-
imately 0.5 hour transmitting, 0.5 hour receiving and 10 hours of standby or
monitoring time.
R e c h a r g e a b l e N i M H B a t t e r y
U s i n g R e c h a r g e a b l e N i M H B a t t e r y :
1. Grasp radio firmly at top and slide radio back down to remove. Make sure
you are not holding battery door (sides) onto the radio body. Figure 5.
2. Place the NiMH battery inside the radio with battery contacts facing down.
Figure 6.
3. Replace the radio's back by sliding up and onto radio body.
4. Push up until secure.
The NiMH battery has a stop sign symbol to remind you to turn the
S t o p S i g n :
battery over and align holes with pegs before inserting battery into the radio.
Figure 7.
The NiMH battery kit, alkaline battery kit, and spare NiMH battery are
available as accessories (sold separately).
For information, call 1-800-353-2729.
Figure 5.
Figure 6.
Figure 7.


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