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Channel Scan; Scan List; Call Tone - Motorola Talkabout T280 User Manual

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F e a t u r e s
C h a n n e l S c a n
Scan allows you to monitor channels and codes of other transmitting radios.
When the radio detects channel activity, it stops scanning and locks in on the
active channel and code. It allows you to listen and talk to the person(s) trans-
mitting without having to switch channels. To scan for radios without Interfer-
ence Eliminator Codes, change your code to zero (off) before pressing the
Scan button.
1. With the radio on, press the Scan button. SCAN appears on the display,
2. When the radio detects channel activity, SCAN stops flashing and the
active channel and code are displayed.
3. To turn off the Scan feature and return to normal operation mode press the
Scan button.
1. Press Monitor button to lock or hold your radio to displayed channel and
code. CHAN SCAN appears to confirm active settings.
2. To begin scanning again, press the Monitor button.
• If Monitor button is not pressed, radio will begin scanning for active
channels 5 seconds after activity ceases.
• Radios will scan all Codes (38) on all selected channels.
S c a n L i s t
Talkabout TA280 and T289 radios allow you to
select which channels are to be scanned by
turning them On or OF (off) in the Scan List
1. Press Menu button three times to enter the
Scan List menu. SCAN appears and chan-
nel number flashes. Figure 17.
2. Use Scroll buttons to change channel.
3. Press Scan button to add (On) or delete
(OF) channels.
Channels which are turned OF (Off) will not be scanned.
C a l l T o n e
Talkabout radios have multiple unique Call
Tones to identify sender and alert receiver. The
TA280 has 5 call tones, while the T289 has a
total of 10. Press the Call button and users on
your channel and with your code setting will be
alerted with your Call Tone.
1. With radio on, press Menu button four times
to enter Call Tone menu. CALL appears
and Call Tone number is displayed.
Figure 18.
2. Use Scroll buttons to change and hear the Cal l Tones.
• When Alert Tones are disabled you will not hear Call Tone beeps when
transmitting, but you will hear them while receiving.
• The radio will return to normal operation mode in 10 seconds or after
pressing Push-To-Talk button.
Figure 17.
Figure 18.


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