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F E A T U R E S; Auto Power Off; Display Light; Keypad Lock - Motorola Talkabout T280 User Manual

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F e a t u r e s

A u t o P o w e r O f f
Your Talkabout can be programmed to turn itself off after a certain period of
inactivity. This feature is used to prevent unwanted battery drain.
1. Press Menu button six times to enter Power Off feature.
2. Use the Scroll buttons to set the number of hours, after which, the power
shuts down (1-8 hours).
• The radio will return to normal operation mode after 10 seconds or after
you press the Push-To-Talk button. If no buttons are pressed during the
selected time interval, the radio will sound a unique tone one minute
prior to turning itself off.
• Minus sign appears on display if Auto Power Off is disabled.
D i s p l a y L i g h t
Talkabout radios have a backlit display for use in low-light conditions. Press
Light/Lock button to illuminate the display. The light will stay on for approxi-
mately five seconds.
Pressing other buttons will extend the time the light stays on.
K e y p a d L o c k
Lock allows you to disable the Scroll, Menu,
and Scan buttons so that the radio settings
cannot be changed accidentally.
Press and hold the Light/Lock button until
LOCK appears on the display.
Press and hold Light/Lock button until LOCK disappears.
N o t e : Radio emits audible tone to confirm lock and unlock feature activation.
Disabled buttons will beep if pressed (when Alert Tones are enabled).
R e s e t
The Reset feature returns all user programmable features back to the original
factory settings.
1. Hold down both the Monitor and Push-To-Talk buttons.
2. Turn the radio on.
T i m e - o u t T i m e r
The Time-out Timer feature helps extend battery life and prevents you from
accidently tying up frequencies. The radio will emit a continuous warning tone
if the Push-To-Talk button is pressed for 60 continuous seconds and radio will
stop transmitting.
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