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Cleaning The Head Section; Notes On Cassette Tape - Kenwood XD-981MD Instruction Manual

Component system/compact hi-fi system
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Cleaning the head section

Cotton swab
Pinch roller
Tape guides

Notes on cassette tape

Safety tab (accidental erasure prevention tab)
After an important recording has been finished, break the safety tab, to
prevent the recorded contents from being erased or recorded on acci-
For B side
To re-record
1. Longer tape than 110 minutes cassette tape
Since longer tape than 110 minutes cassette tape is very
thin, the tape could adhere to the pinch roller or be easily
broken. It is recommended that these tapes not be used
with this unit to prevent possible damage.
Cleaning the heads and peripheral com-
For maintaining the best condition of the deck and
for longer service life, always keep the heads (re-
cording / playback / erase), capstan and pinch roller
clean. To clean them, perform the following:
1. Open the cassette holder.
2. Using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, clean the
head (recording / playback / erase), capstan and
pinch roller carefully.
There are precisely aligned parts around the heads, including the tape guides.
When cleaning, pay special attention so as not to apply shock to them.
For A side
Apply tape only to the position where
the tab has been removed.
Demagnetizing the head
When the recording / playback head is magne-
tized, the sound quality will deteriorate. In such
a case, demagnetize the head using a commer-
cially available demagnetizer (head eraser).
To store cassette tapes
Do not store the tapes in a place which is subject to direct sunlight,
or near equipment that generates heat. Keep the cassette tapes away
from any magnetic field.
When there is slack in the tape
In such a case, insert a pencil into the reel hole and wind the reel hub
to remove the slack.
2. Endless tapes
Do not use an endless tape, as this could damage the mechanism of
the unit.
In case of difficulty
Important Items
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