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Kenwood HM-337 Instruction Manual page 7

Compact hi-fi component system
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Names and functions of parts
1 CD compartment
2 phones jack
3 EQ/X-bass button
To select the desired sound effect: POP,
CLASSIC, ROCK, JAZZ or FLAT; to switch on/
off X-BASS mode.
4 repeat button
To repeat one track or all tracks for CD.
5 program button
To program disc tracks for CD; to program
preset radio stations for TUNER. To set or reset
clock for clock. To set or reset timer for timer.
6 +/– buttons
To select a preset radio stations for TUNER.
7 push open button
To open the CD compartment.
To turn the system on or to standby mode.
standby indicator
9 rec button
To record from TUNER or CD to a cassette tape.
To activate/deactivate the demonstration in
STANDBY or power on mode.
0 timer on/off button
To switch the timer on/off.
! timer set button
To view the clock or set the clock.
@ RDS/display button (the Europe only)
To view RDS information.
To view the current status of the system.
display button (except for the Europe only)
To view the current status of the system.
# Remote sensor
$ search +/– ¢ / 4 buttons
To search forward/backward to next/previous
track for CD or TAPE; to skip tracks for CD; to
tune to higher/lower radio frequency or search
radio stations for TUNER; to set the hour and
minutes for clock; to set timer function for
% 6 button
To start or interrupt playback for CD.
To start playback for TAPE.
^ 7 button
To stop playback for CD or TAPE.
To stop program for CD.
& Cassette tape compartment
* CD button
To select CD input or turn the system on to CD
( TUNER/band button
To select TUNER input or turn the system on
to TUNER input. When in TUNER input, press
the select the waveband: FM or AM.
) TAPE button
To select TAPE input or turn the system on to
TAPE input.
¡ VOLUME ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ ∧ /∨ ∨ ∨ ∨ ∨ buttons
To increase or decrease the volume.
™ push open button
To open the cassette tape compartment.
Standby mode
While the standby indicator is lit, a small amount
of power is supplied to the system to back up the
memory. This is called standby mode. Under the
condition, the system can be turned ON by the
remote control unit.



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