Precautions For Use - Kenwood DX-7 Instruction Manual

Digital audio tape recorder
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Precautions for use
To maintain the high performance and reliability of this unit, avoid using or storing it in the following
• Dusty places.
• Near heat
sources such as
stoves, etc.
• Condensation (dew)
• Places exposed
to direct sun-
light, especially
in a closed car .
• Extremely cold
In moist, humid locations or when the room temperature rises quickly such as right after turning
on a heater, condensation may form inside the unit, preventing the unit from operating normal-
ly. If this occurs, remove the tape and let the unit sit with the cassette holder open for approxi-
mately two hours before use.
(The entire display area blinks to warn you that there is condensation inside the unit.)
• Using headphones
DAT players have such a low noise level that listeners often tend to overly increase the sound
volume. Set the sound volume to an appropriate level to protect your ears from excessive shock.
For your safety and the safety of others, do not use headphones while driving a car or other
type of vehicle.
Be careful not to fall asleep while listening to music using headphones.
Continuous use of headphones for long periods may hurt your ears.



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