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Changing the source
• If you change the source, playback also stops
(without ejecting the disc).
Next time you select "DISC" for the playback source,
disc play starts from where it has been stopped
USB operations
• Connecting a USB device automatically changes the
source to "USB".
• While playing from a USB device, the playback order
may differ from the one from other players.
• This unit may be unable to play back some USB
devices or some files due to their characteristics or
recording conditions.
• Depending on the shape of the USB devices and
connection ports, some USB devices may not be
attached properly or the connection might be loose.
• When connecting a USB mass storage class device,
refer also to its instructions.
• Connect one USB mass storage class device to the unit
at a time. Do not use a USB hub.
• This unit is compatible with the USB Full-Speed.
• If the connected USB device does not have the correct
files, "No File" appears.
• This unit can play back MP3 files recorded in VBR
(variable bit rate).
• The maximum number of characters for folder and
file names is 25 characters; 128 characters for MP3/
WAV and 64 characters for WMA Tag information.
• This unit can recognize a total of 5 000 files and 250
folders (999 files per folder).
• The unit cannot recognize a USB mass storage class
device whose rating is other than 5 V and exceeds
500 mA.
• USB devices equipped with special functions such as
data security functions cannot be used with the unit.
• Do not use a USB device with 2 or more partitions.
• This unit may not recognized a USB device connected
through a USB card reader.
44 | KDV-5241U
• This unit may not play back files in a USB device
properly when using a USB extension cord.
• This unit cannot assure proper functions or supply
power to all types of USB devices.
• For MPEG1/2 files: The maximum bit rate for video
signals (average) is 2 Mbps.


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