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Listening To The Usb; Device - KENWOOD KDV-5241U Instruction Manual

Dvd receiver.
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Listening to the USB device
You can connect a USB mass storage class device such as a USB memory, portable HDD, etc. to the unit.
• You can also connect an Apple iPod to the USB input jack. For details of the operations, see pages 28 – 31.
This unit can play DivX/MPEG Video/MP3/WMA/WAV tracks stored in a USB device.
All tracks will be played repeatedly until you change the source or detach the USB device.
Turn on the monitor to watch the playback picture if
you play back a DivX/MPEG file. You can also control
playback by referring to the monitor screen. (See also
pages 22 – 25.)
• See pages 20 – 25 for operation using the remote
• See pages 40, 41, and 44 for more settings.
If " " appears on the monitor when pressing a
button, the unit cannot accept the operation you
have tried to do.
• In some cases, without showing " ", operations
will not be accepted.
If a USB device has been attached...
Playback starts from where it has
been stopped previously.
• If a different USB device is
currently attached, playback starts
from the beginning.
To stop play and detach the USB device
Straightly pull it out from the unit.
• Press SOURCE to listen to another playback source.
26 | KDV-5241U
You can operate the USB device in the same way you
operate the files on a disc. (See pages 17 – 25.)
• You cannot select "USB" when Dual Zone is in use
(see page 27).
• Avoid using the USB device if it might hinder your
safety driving.
• Do not pull out and attach the USB device repeatedly
while "Reading" is shown on the display.
• Do not start the car engine if a USB device is
• This unit may not be able to play the files depending
on the type of USB device.
• Operation and power supply may not work as
intended for some USB devices.
• You cannot connect a computer to the USB input
terminal of the unit.
• Make sure all important data has been backed up to
avoid losing the data.
• Do not leave a USB device in the car, expose to direct
sunlight, or high temperature to avoid deformation
or cause damages to the device.
• Some USB devices may not work immediately after
you turn on the power.
• For more details about USB operations, see page 44.
USB input jack
USB memory


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