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Setting And Checkout; Temperature Setting - Honeywell T812A1010 - Premier 1 Heat Stage Thermostat Installation Instructions Manual

Installation instructions
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Temperature Setting

Move the temperature setting lever to the desired
setpoint on the thermostat scaleplate, see Fig. 1, to
control the temperature to desired point. (On positive off
models, the control circuit is broken when the lever is
moved to the extreme lowest setting of the temperature
Heat Anticipator Setting (Select Models)
1. Use this thermostat only with controls that have
current rating equal to (or within) the rating of
the heat anticipator.
2. Setting the heat anticipator allows the thermo-
stat to maintain accurate temperature control.
Models with an adjustable heat anticipator should be
adjusted to match the current draw of the primary control
for optimum thermostat performance. To adjust, move
the anticipator indicator lever to correspond to the control
rating. See Fig. 1.
If the setting and current rating are not available, wire the
thermostat into the system, but do not attach it to the
wall. If the thermostat is already mounted, remove it from
the wall, leaving it connected to the system wiring.
Connect an ammeter of the appropriate range (about
0.0A to 2.0A) between the terminals on the back of the
thermostat. Move the temperature setting lever to a low
setting so the contacts are broken. In cold weather, it
may be necessary to hold the switch so the controls
remain open. Allow the system to operate through the
ammeter for one minute. Adjust the anticipator to match
the meter reading.
Automation and Control Solutions
Honeywell International Inc.
1985 Douglas Drive North
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Rev. 5-04
Honeywell Limited-Honeywell Limitée
35 Dynamic Drive
Scarborough, Ontario
M1V 4Z9
NOTE: For best performance, the heat anticipator can
require further adjustment. To lengthen burner-
on time, move the indicator to a higher number,
but not more than one-half scale marking at a
time. To shorten burner-on time, move the indi-
cator in the opposite direction.
Cool Anticipator (Select Models)
Models with a cooling anticipator have a 24 Vac to 30 Vac
fixed anticipator.
Shorting Hazard.
Can damage heat anticipator.
Do not check operation by shorting across
system control terminals.
Observe the system through at least one complete
automatic cycle. Make certain that the system operates
as intended. Check for correct operation of positive off
switch, if used.
This thermostat is carefully calibrated at the factory and
cannot be field-adjusted.
Printed in China

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