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Appendix; Troubleshooting - Pioneer PDP-4340HD Operating Instructions Manual

Plasma display system.
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• No power.
• Green and red rectangles appear on
the screen alternately.
• The system cannot be operated.
• Remote control unit does not
• No image and audio is presented.
• No picture.
• Images are presented but no audio
is output.
• Sound is reversed between the right
and left.
• Sound is output from only a single
• Picture is cut off.
• Strange colour, light colour, dark or
colour misalignment.
• Power is suddenly turned off.
Powering off. Internal temperature too high.
Check temperature around PDP.
Powering off. Internal protection circuits activated.
Is there a short in speaker cable?
SD1 1
Powering off. Internal temperature too high.
Check temperature around media receiver.
PDP5040HD-Eng (106-109)
Possible Solution
• Make sure the Plasma Display and the Media Receiver are connected correctly. (See page 20.)
• Is the power cord disconnected? (See page 27 .)
• Has the main power been turned on? (See page 28.)
• Check if you pressed TV a on the remote control unit. (See page 28.)
If the indicator on the system lights up red, press TV a.
• Check if the system cable has been disconnected or almost disconnected? (See page 20.)
• External influences such as lightning, static electricity, etc., may cause improper operation.
In this case, operate the system after first turning the power of the Plasma Display and the
Media Receiver, or unplugging the power cord and re-plugging it in after 1 or 2 minutes.
• Is the Mode switch set correctly? Slide it to the TV setting position. (See page 16.)
• Are batteries inserted with polarity (+, –) aligned? (See page 22.)
• Are batteries worn out? (Replace with new batteries.) (See page 22.)
• Operate the remote control unit while pointing it toward the remote control sensor on the
Plasma Display. (See page 17 .)
• Are you using it under strong or fluorescent lighting?
• Is a fluorescent light illuminated near the remote control sensor?
• Check if the input source for video or PC has been unintentionally selected although you want
to watch a TV channel. (See page 30.)
• Check if you have activated the Parental Control function. (See page 90.)
Enter a password to temporarily cancel the Parental Control function. (See page 94.)
• Is connection to other components correct? (See pages 65 to 77 .)
• Is the correct input selected? (See pages 16, 65 to 77 .)
• Is a non-compatible PC signal being input? (See page 107 .)
• Is picture adjustment correct? (See pages 48 to 52.)
• Check if you have selected the minimum volume. (See page 31.)
• Check if you have muted sound. (See page 31.)
• When using a video or PC input source, check that the audio terminal is also in connection. (See
pages 65 to 67 and 77 .)
• Check if the speaker cable connections have been reversed between the right and left or if the
speaker cable from either speaker has been disconnected. (See pages 13 and 20.)
• Has the balance been correctly adjusted? (See page 52.)
• Is the image position correct? (See pages 81and 82.)
• Has the correct screen size been selected? (See page 83.)
• Adjust the picture tone. (See pages 48 to 52.)
• Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a room that is too bright.
• Is the sleep timer set? (See page 85.)
• Check the power control setting. (See pages 54 and 55.)
• The system's internal temperature has increased. Remove any objects blocking vent or clean.
(See pages 17 to 19.)
Check if the ambient temperature of the Plasma Display is high.
Check the speaker cable connections between the Plasma Display
and the speakers.
Check if the ambient temperature of the Plasma Display and the
Media Receiver is high.
7/24/03, 1:57 PM


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