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Whirlpool ART 471/A+/7 Instructions For Use Manual page 5

Built-in 70:30 fridge freezer with fast freeze, art 471/a+/7


The "Zero Degrees" box is specifically designed to maintain a low
temperature and a suitable humidity level, in order to keep foods
fresher for longer (e.g. meat, fish, fruit and winter vegetables).
Activating and deactivating the box
The temperature inside the box, when active, is approximately 0°.
To activate the compartment, press the button
shown in the figure for more than 1 second,
until the symbol lights up
The symbol lit indicates that the compartment is
functioning. Press the button again for more
than 1 second to deactivate the compartment
The following factors are vital for the "Zero Degrees" box to work properly:
- the refrigerator compartment must be switched on
- the temperature of the refrigerator compartment must be between +2°C and +6°C
- the box must be inserted to enable activation
- no special functions must have been selected (Standby, Cooling-Off, Vacation – where applicable).
If one of these special functions has been selected, the "Zero Degrees" box must be deactivated
manually, and any fresh food inside it removed. If manual deactivation does not take place, the box will be
deactivated automatically after 8 hours.
- if the symbol does not light up when the box is activated, check that the box is properly inserted; if the
problem persists, contact your nearest authorized After-sales Service
- if the box is active and the drawer open, the symbol on the control panel may be deactivated
automatically. If the drawer is inserted, the symbol will become active again
- irrespective of the state of the box, a slight noise may be heard: this is normal and is not a cause for
- when the box is not active, the temperature inside it depends on the general temperature inside the
refrigerator compartment. In this case, we recommend it is used to store fruit and vegetables which are
not sensitive to cold temperatures (fruits of the forest, apples, apricots, carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc.).
Important: If the function is activated and food with high water content is present, condensate may form
on the shelves. In this case, temporarily deactivate the function.
When placing small containers and food products on the top shelf of the "zero degrees" compartment,
make sure they do not accidentally fall between the drawer and the back of the refrigerator compartment
Removing the "Zero Degrees" box:
The "Zero Degrees" box can be removed to create more space inside the refrigerator. In this case
proceed as follows:
- to facilitate removal, we recommend emptying (and if necessary, removing) the two lower door trays
- switch off the box
- pull out the drawer and the white plastic shelf underneath the box.
(depending on the model)



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