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Defrosting The Freezer Compartment - Whirlpool ART 471/A+/7 Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in 70:30 fridge freezer with fast freeze, art 471/a+/7


The freezer compartment
fresh food. The amount of fresh food that can be frozen in 24 hours is shown on the rating plate; place the
food in the freezer compartment (see Quick Start Guide), leaving leaving enough space around the packages
to allow air to circulate. Refreezing partially thawed food is not recommended. It is important to wrap food so
that no water, moisture, or vapour may penetrate.
To save energy and prolong the life of the appliance, make sure hot foods are never placed inside it.
Note: the ambient temperature, door opening frequency and position of the appliance can affect the
temperatures inside the two compartments. Set the temperature based on these factors.
Making ice cubes
Fill the ice cube tray (where provided) 2/3 full and place it in the freezer compartment. Never use sharp
or pointed objects to remove the ice.
Removing drawers (depending on model)
Pull the drawers all the way out, lift them up a little and remove. To create more space, the freezer
compartment can also be used as follows:
A) If the freezer compartment base resembles figure A, remove the
upper drawers and/or lids. The lower drawer should be left in position.
Make sure that, once the food has been placed on the racks/shelves, the
door closes properly.
B) If the freezer compartment base resembles figure B, remove all
drawers or lids. Make sure that, once the food has been placed on the
racks/shelves, the door closes properly.
Removing the lid (if present)
Open the lid and remove the pin, as illustrated in figure C.
No Frost models do not need defrosting.
For other models, if frost forms in the freezer compartment, we
recommend it is defrosted twice a year or whenever an excessive
amount of frost has formed (3 mm thickness).
It is perfectly normal for frost to form.
The amount of frost which forms and the rate at which it builds up
depends on room temperature and humidity, and on how often the door
is opened. To defrost, unplug the appliance and remove all foodstuffs.
Leave the door ajar to allow the frost to melt. For products with a
freezer compartment below the refrigerator compartment, the defrost
water drain pipe can be removed (see figure) and a recipient placed
After defrosting, replace the drain pipe, making sure that no water is left in it. Clean inside the freezer
compartment and dry carefully.
Switch the appliance back on and place the food back inside.
stores frozen food (for the period indicated on the package) and freezes
(depending on the model)



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