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When The Appliance Is Not In Use; Refrigerator Compartment - Whirlpool ART 471/A+/7 Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in 70:30 fridge freezer with fast freeze, art 471/a+/7



Unplug the appliance from the mains, then empty, defrost (if necessary) and clean it. Leave the doors ajar,
so that air can circulate inside the compartments. This will prevent the formation of mould and bad
Keep the doors closed to allow the stored food to stay cold as long as possible. Do not refreeze partially
thawed food. If the blackout persists, the blackout alarm may sound (depending on the model).


The refrigerator compartment is designed for the storage of fresh food and beverages.
Refrigerator compartment defrosting is completely automatic.
Droplets of water on the rear wall of the compartment indicate that the periodic automatic defrost cycle
is in progress. The defrost water is automatically routed to a drain outlet and into a container from which
it evaporates.
Depending on the model, the appliance may have a special box ("Meat & Fish" or "Zero Degrees") which is
ideal for the storage of fresh meat and fish.
Important: refrigerator accessories must not be washed in a dishwasher.
Note: the ambient temperature, the door opening frequency and the position of the appliance may affect
temperatures inside the two compartments. Set the temperature in accordance with these factors.
Note: when there is a lot of moisture inside the refrigerator compartment and on the glass shelves in
particular, condensation may form. In this case, we recommend closing any liquid-filled containers (e.g.:
saucepans full of stock), wrapping foods with a high liquid content (e.g.: vegetables) and setting the
temperature to a warmer value.
Removing the crisper drawer
(depending on the model)
If your product only has a crisper drawer, to facilitate its removal we recommend emptying (and, if
necessary, removing) the two lower door trays beforehand.
Fan and anti-bacterial/anti-odour filter
(depending on the model)
The fan will ensure uniform air circulation inside the compartment, for improved food storage and excess
moisture reduction. Do not obstruct the fan inlet. The fan can be activated/deactivated manually (see
Quick Start Guide); when activated, it works automatically as necessary.



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