Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your
service provider.
Printed in Korea
Code No.:GH68-25950A
English. 09/2009. Rev. 1.0

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    Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. Printed in Korea Code No.:GH68-25950A English. 09/2009. Rev. 1.0...

  • Page 2

    GT-B3210 user manual...

  • Page 3: Instructional Icons

    Instructional icons using this Before you start, familiarise yourself with the icons you will see in this manual: manual Warning—situations that could cause injury to yourself or others This user manual has been specially designed to Caution—situations that could cause guide you through the functions and features of your damage to your phone or other equipment mobile phone.

  • Page 4: Copyright Information

    Copyright information → Followed by—the order of options or Rights to all technologies and products that menus you must select to perform a step; comprise this device are the property of their for example: In Menu mode, select respective owners: Messages →...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    safety and usage information ....1 Safety warnings .......... 1 contents Safety precautions ........4 Important usage information ....... 6 introducing your mobile phone ..... 12 Unpack ............. 12 Phone layout ..........13 Keys ............14 Display ............15 Icons ............16 assembling and preparing your mobile phone ............

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    using basic functions ......22 Use advanced messaging functions ..39 Turn your phone on and off ....... 22 Use advanced camera functions ....41 Access menus .......... 23 Use advanced music functions ....44 Use shortcut menus from the using tools and applications ....

  • Page 7

    Set a countdown timer ......57 Use the stopwatch ........57 Create a new task ........57 Create a text memo ........57 Manage your calendar ......58 troubleshooting ........a index ............d...

  • Page 8: Safety Warnings

    Safety warnings safety and Keep your phone away from small usage children and pets Keep your phone and all accessories out of the information reach of small children or animals. Small parts may cause choking or serious injury if swallowed. Protect your hearing Comply with the following precautions to avoid dangerous or illegal situations and ensure peak...

  • Page 9: Install Mobile Phones And Equipment With Caution, Avoid Interference With Pacemakers

    Maintain a minimum of 15 cm (6 inches) between chargers with care mobile phones and pacemakers to avoid potential • Use only Samsung-approved batteries and interference, as recommended by manufacturers chargers specifically designed for your phone. and the independent research group, Wireless Incompatible batteries and chargers can cause Technology Research.

  • Page 10: Reduce The Risk Of Repetitive Motion Injuries

    Broken glass or acrylic could cause injury to your stations) or near fuels or chemicals. Turn off your hand and face. Bring the phone to a Samsung phone whenever directed by warning signs or service centre to replace the screen. Damage instructions.

  • Page 11: Safety Precautions

    Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a wireless functions when directed by airline mobile phone in a certain area. personnel. Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible accessories may damage your phone or cause injury.

  • Page 12: Handle Your Phone Carefully And Sensibly

    Protect batteries and chargers from Handle your phone carefully and damage sensibly • Avoid exposing batteries to very cold or very hot • Do not disassemble your phone due to a risk of temperatures (below 0° C/32° F or above 45° C/ electric shock.

  • Page 13: Important Usage Information

    • If your phone has a camera flash or light, avoid Important usage information using it close to the eyes of children or animals. • Your phone may be damaged by exposure to Use your phone in the normal position magnetic fields.

  • Page 14

    • Disconnect chargers from power sources when Ensure access to emergency services not in use. Emergency calls from your phone may not be • Use batteries only for their intended purpose. possible in some areas or circumstances. Before travelling in remote or undeveloped areas, plan an Handle SIM cards and memory cards alternate method of contacting emergency services with care...

  • Page 15: Correct Disposal Of This Product

    Equipment (R&TTE) directive. For more information health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please about the SAR and related EU standards, visit the separate these items from other types of waste and Samsung mobile phone website. recycle them responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.

  • Page 16: Correct Disposal Of Batteries In This Product

    Household users should contact either the retailer Correct disposal of batteries in this where they purchased this product, or their local product government office, for details of where and how they (Applicable in the European Union and can take these items for environmentally safe other European countries with separate recycling.

  • Page 17

    Without limiting the CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, foregoing, unless expressly authorised by the SHALL SAMSUNG BE LIABLE, WHETHER IN applicable content owner or service provider, you CONTRACT OR TORT, FOR ANY DIRECT, may not modify, copy, republish, upload, post,...

  • Page 18

    Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time. Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control.

  • Page 19: Introducing Your Mobile Phone, Unpack

    • The items supplied with your phone may vary layout, keys, display, and icons. depending on the software and accessories available in your region. You can obtain additional accessories from your local Samsung dealer. • The supplied accessories perform best for your phone.

  • Page 20: Phone Layout

    Phone layout The rear of your phone includes the following keys and features: The front of your phone includes the following keys and features: Headset jack Multifunction Earpiece jack Speaker Camera lens Display 4-way navigation key Battery cover Left softkey Right softkey Volume key Power/Menu...

  • Page 21: Keys

    Keys Function Turn the phone on or off (press and Power/ Function hold); End a call; In Menu mode, Menu exit Make or answer a call; In Idle mode, cancel input and return to Idle mode Dial retrieve recently dialled, missed, or Enter numbers, characters, and received numbers Alpha-...

  • Page 22: Display

    Display Function In Idle mode, access the music Your phone’s display consists of three areas: Music library In Idle mode, open the new Icon line Message message screen; Access the Inbox Displays various icons (press and hold) Text and graphic area Delete Delete characters in a text input field Displays messages,...

  • Page 23: Icons

    Icons Icon Definition Music playback in progress Learn about the icons that appear on your display. Music playback paused Icon Definition Music playback stopped Signal strength FM radio on GPRS network connected FM radio suspended Transferring data via GPRS network Memory card inserted EDGE network connected New text or multimedia message...

  • Page 24: Assembling And Preparing Your Mobile Phone, Install The Sim Card And Battery

    Install the SIM card and battery assembling and When you subscribe to a cellular service, you will receive a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) with subscription details, such as your personal preparing your identification number (PIN) and optional services. To install the SIM card and battery, mobile phone 1.

  • Page 25

    2. Insert the SIM card. 3. Insert the battery. 4. Replace the battery cover. • Place the SIM card in the phone with the gold-coloured contacts facing down. • Without inserting a SIM card, you can use your phone’s non-network services and some menus.

  • Page 26: Charge The Battery

    Charge the battery 3. Plug the large end of the travel adapter into a power outlet. Before using the phone for the first time, you must 4. When the battery is fully charged (the icon is charge the battery. no longer moving), unplug the travel adapter from 1.

  • Page 27: Insert A Memory Card (optional)

    Insert a memory card (optional) 2. Insert a memory card with the label side facing down. To store additional multimedia files, you must insert a memory card. Your phone accepts microSD™ or microSDHC™ memory cards up to 8 GB (depending on memory card manufacturer and type).

  • Page 28: Attach A Hand Strap (optional)

    Attach a hand strap (optional) 1. Remove the battery cover. 2. Slide a hand strap through the slot and hook it over the small projection. 3. Replace the battery cover.

  • Page 29: Using Basic Functions, Turn Your Phone On And Off

    Turn your phone on and off using basic To turn your phone on, 1. Press and hold [ functions 2. Enter your PIN and press <OK> (if necessary). 3. When the setup wizard opens, customise your phone as desired by following the screen. Learn how to perform basic operations and use the To turn your phone off, repeat step 1 above.

  • Page 30: Access Menus, Use Shortcut Menus From The Shortcut Toolbar

    Access menus Use shortcut menus from the shortcut toolbar To access your phone’s menus, Learn to use the items on the toolbar. You can 1. In Idle mode, press <Menu> to access Menu quickly access your favourite menus from Idle mode mode.

  • Page 31: Customise Your Phone

    3. Select your favourite menus. Set a phone profile Press <Options> → Open to select submenus To change the ringtone of the current profile, (if necessary). 1. In Menu mode, select Settings → Phone 4. Press <Save>, or press <Options> → Save. profiles.

  • Page 32

    3. Enter a name for the profile and press <Save>. Set menu shortcuts 1. In Menu mode, select Settings → Phone 4. Customise the sound settings as desired. settings → Shortcuts. 5. When you are finished, press <Save>. 2. Select a key to use as a shortcut. Select a wallpaper (Idle mode) 3.

  • Page 33: Use Basic Call Functions

    2. To end the call, press [ create and confirm a password. • Samsung is not responsible for any loss of Adjust the volume passwords or private information or other To adjust the volume during a call, press the Volume damages caused by illegal software.

  • Page 34: Send And View Messages

    Record a conversation Send and view messages This feature may not be available depending on Learn to send or view text (SMS), multimedia (MMS), your region. or email messages. 1. During a call, press <Options> → Menu → Send a text or multimedia message Applications →...

  • Page 35

    Send an email • Press [Alt] to enter characters on the upper half of the keys. 1. In Menu mode, select Messages → Create • Press [Alt] → [ ] to open the emoticon list. message → Email. 2. Enter an email address and scroll down. View text or multimedia messages 3.

  • Page 36: Add And Find Contacts

    Add and find contacts 4. Enter contact information. 5. Press <Save>, or press <Options> → Save to Learn the basics of using the phonebook feature. add the contact to memory. The memory location to save new contacts may be preset depending on your region. To Find a contact change the memory location, in Menu mode, 1.

  • Page 37: Use Basic Camera Functions

    Use basic camera functions View photos In Menu mode, select Media album → Images → Learn the basics to capture and view photos and My photos → a photo file. videos. Capture videos Capture photos 1. In Idle mode, press and hold [ ] to turn on the 1.

  • Page 38: Listen To Music

    5. Press < >, the Confirm key, or [ ] to stop Listen to the FM radio recording. While listening to the radio, do not connect the The video is saved automatically. travel adapter or PC data cable to your phone. 6.

  • Page 39

    Adjust the volome up or down • Download from the wireless web. p. 33 • Left/Right: Tune a radio station; • Download from a PC with the optional Samsung Select a saved radio station PC Studio. p. 44 (press and hold) Navigation •...

  • Page 40: Browse The Web

    3. Control playback using the following keys: Browse the web Function Learn to access and bookmark your favourite web Confirm Pause or resume playback pages. Volume Adjust the volume up or down • You may incur additional charges for • Left: Restart playback; Skip accessing the web and downloading media.

  • Page 41: Use Orange Widgets

    Bookmark your favourite web pages To access a widget, 1. In Menu mode, select Applications → Orange 1. In Menu mode, select Orange World → Widgets. Bookmarks. 2. Press <options> → <accept> (if necessary). 2. Press <Add>. 3. Select a widget to access the online service. 3.

  • Page 42: Using Advanced Functions, Use Advanced Call Functions

    Use advanced call functions using advanced Learn about your phone’s additional calling capabilities. functions View and dial missed calls Your phone will display calls you have missed on the display. To dial the number of a missed call, Learn how to perform advanced operations and use 1.

  • Page 43

    Hold a call or retrieve a held call Answer a second call Press <Hold> to place a call on hold or press If your network supports this function, you can <Retrieve> to retrieve a held call. answer a second incoming call: 1.

  • Page 44

    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more parties (if Reject a call necessary). To reject an incoming call, press [ ]. The caller will 5. To end the multiparty call, press [ hear a busy tone. To reject calls from certain numbers automatically, Call an international number use the auto rejection.

  • Page 45: Use Advanced Phonebook Functions

    Use advanced phonebook functions Set speed dial numbers 1. In Menu mode, select Address book. Learn to create namecards, set speed dial numbers, 2. Press <Options> → Settings→ Speed dial. and create groups of contacts. 3. Scroll to a number you want to set and press the Create a namecard Confirm key.

  • Page 46: Use Advanced Messaging Functions

    Create a group of contacts Use advanced messaging functions By creating groups of contacts, you can assign Learn to create templates, use templates to create ringtones and caller ID photos to each group or send new messages, and use the messengers. messages to an entire group.

  • Page 47

    3. Create a multimedia message, with a subject 2. Scroll to the template you want and press <Options> → Send. and desired attachments, to use as your template. p. 27 Your template opens as a new multimedia 4. Press <Options> → Save as template to save message.

  • Page 48: Use Advanced Camera Functions

    5. Enter a PIN for the Bluetooth wireless feature or Create a folder to manage messages the other device’s Bluetooth PIN, if it has one, 1. In Menu mode, select Messages → My folders. and press <OK>. 2. Press <Yes> to create a new folder. When the owner of the other device enters the same PIN or accepts the connection, pairing is 3.

  • Page 49

    3. Select the number of photos to capture and Capture photos with decorative frames press < >. 1. In Idle mode, press and hold [ ] to turn on the 4. Make any necessary adjustments. camera. 5. Press the Confirm key or [ ] to take series of 2.

  • Page 50

    Option Function Option Function Timer Select the time delay Viewfinder mode Change the preview screen Effects Shortcuts Apply a special effect View the shortcut information Frames Add a decorative frame Customise camera settings White balance Adjust the colour balance > → Settings → From the viewfinder, press <...

  • Page 51: Use Advanced Music Functions

    2. Press <Options> → Create playlist. multifunction jack on your phone to a PC. 3. Enter a title for your new playlist and press 2. Run Samsung PC Studio and copy files from the <Save>. PC to the phone. Refer to the Samsung PC Studio help for more 4.

  • Page 52

    Customise your music player settings Record songs from the FM radio Learn to adjust the playback and sound settings for 1. Plug the supplied headset into the phone's your music player. headset jack. 2. In Menu mode, select Applications → FM 1.

  • Page 53

    Store radio stations automatically 4. Select a radio station to add to the favourite list. 5. Press <Options> → Add to channel list → 1. Plug the supplied headset into the phone’s Favourites. headset jack. 2. In Menu mode, select Applications → FM 6.

  • Page 54

    3. When the phone is successfully registered, press <Record> to record a part of music you want to find. The database may not have information for all songs. Download music files from the web 1. In Menu mode, select Music → Music Store. The online music store opens.

  • Page 55: Using Tools And Applications, Use The Bluetooth Wireless Feature

    Use the Bluetooth wireless feature using tools and Learn about your phone’s ability to connect to other wireless devices for exchanging data and using hands-free features. applications Turn on the Bluetooth wireless feature 1. In Menu mode, select Applications → Learn how to work with your mobile phone’s tools Bluetooth.

  • Page 56

    Find and pair with other Bluetooth- Send data using the Bluetooth wireless enabled devices feature 1. In Menu mode, select Applications → 1. Select the file or item from one of your phone’s Bluetooth → Search for new devices. applications that you want to send. 2.

  • Page 57: Activate And Send An Sos Message, Activate The Mobile Tracker

    Activate and send an SOS message 9. Scroll down and set the number of times to repeat the SOS message. When you have an emergency, you can send an 10. Press <Save> → <Yes>. SOS message asking for help. To send an SOS message, the keys must be 1.

  • Page 58: Make Fake Calls

    2. Enter your password and press <OK>. Make fake calls The first time you access Mobile tracker, you You can simulate an incoming call when you want to will be prompted to create and confirm a get out of meetings or unwanted conversations. You password.

  • Page 59: Record And Play Voice Memos

    Make a fake call 3. Speak your memo into the microphone. 4. When you are finished speaking, press the You must set a shortcut key to make a fake call. Navigation key down. p. 25 To make a fake call, Play a voice memo •...

  • Page 60: View Photos And Videos On The Web, Use Java-powered Games And Applications

    View photos and videos on the web Use Java-powered games and applications Learn to access photo sharing websites and blogs and view photos and videos. Learn to use games and applications powered by award-winning Java technology. This feature may be unavailable depending on your region.

  • Page 61: Create And View World Clocks

    Play games Create and view world clocks 1. In Menu mode, select Applications → Games Learn to view the time in another city and set world and more. clocks to appear on your display. 2. Select a game from the list and follow the on- Create a world clock screen instructions.

  • Page 62: Set And Use Alarms

    Add a world clock to your display 8. Scroll down, and then scroll left or right to select a dual clock style. In Dual Clock Display mode, you can view clocks 9. Press <Set> → <Save>. with two different time zones on your display. After you have created world clocks, Set and use alarms 1.

  • Page 63: Use The Calculator, Convert Currencies Or Measurements

    Stop an alarm Use the calculator When the alarm sounds, 1. In Menu mode, select Organiser → Calculator. • Press any key to stop the alarm without snooze. 2. Use the keys that correspond to the calculator • Press <Confirm> or the Confirm key to stop the display to perform basic mathematical alarm with snooze, or press <Snooze>...

  • Page 64: Set A Countdown Timer, Use The Stopwatch, Create A New Task, Create A Text Memo

    Set a countdown timer Create a new task 1. In Menu mode, select Applications → Timer. 1. In Menu mode, select Organiser → Task. 2. Press <Options> → Create. 2. Press <Set>. 3. Enter the length of time to count down and press 3.

  • Page 65: Manage Your Calendar

    Manage your calendar View events To view events of a specific date, Learn to change the calendar view and create events. 1. In Menu mode, select Organiser → Calendar. 2. Select a date on the calendar. Change the calendar view 3.

  • Page 66: Troubleshooting

    troubleshooting If you are having trouble with your mobile phone, try these troubleshooting procedures before contacting a service professional. When you turn on your phone or while you are Code Try this to solve the problem: using the phone, it prompts you to enter one of Your SIM card is blocked, usually as a the following codes: result of entering your PIN incorrectly...

  • Page 67

    The phone prompts you to insert the SIM card. Another caller cannot reach you. Ensure that the SIM card is installed correctly. • Ensure that your phone is turned on. • Ensure that you have accessed the right cellular Your phone displays “Service unavailable” or network.

  • Page 68

    The audio quality of the call is poor. The battery does not charge properly or sometimes the phone turns itself off. • Ensure that you are not blocking the phone’s internal antenna. • The battery terminals may be dirty. Wipe both gold-coloured contacts with a clean, soft cloth •...

  • Page 69

    index alarms browser from the phonebook, 37 creating, 55 see web browser international numbers, 37 deactivating, 56 making fake calls, 51 calculator stopping, 56 making, 26 see tools, calculator multiparty, 36 battery calendar placing on hold, 36 charging, 19 see tools, calendar recently dialled, 35 installing, 17 calls...

  • Page 70

    contacts Java viewing multimedia, 28 adding, 29 downloading applications, 53 viewing text, 28 creating groups, 39 downloading games, 53 mobile tracker finding, 29 launching applications, 54 launching games, 54 multimedia convertor see messages see tools, convertor key tones music finding countdown timer lock see tools, countdown timer...

  • Page 71

    57 see FM radio inserting, 40 mobile blog, 53 multimedia, 39 ringtone stopwatch, 57 text, 39 task, 57 Samsung PC Studio text shortcuts videos creating memos, 57 capturing, 30 silent profile entering, 28 viewing, 31 messages, 27...

  • Page 72

    volume call volume, 26 key tone volume, 24 wallpaper web browser adding bookmarks, 34 launching homepage, 33 world clock creating, 54 setting dual display, 55...

  • Page 74

    (name and signature of authorised person) EN 300 328 V1.7.1 (10-2006) * It is not the address of Samsung Service Centre. For the address or the We hereby declare that [all essential radio test suites have been carried phone number of Samsung Service Centre, see the warranty card or contact out and that] the above named product is in conformity to all the the retailer where you purchased your phone.

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