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HP LP2480zx - DreamColor - 24" LCD Monitor Using Manual Page 7

Using the hp dreamcolor lp2480zx monitor for professional video applications.
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 Link Configuration — should be configured as required for your input source. If your source
uses a single BNC connection you are using a Single Link connection. If you are unsure of the type
of output provided by your video device, please consult its user manual for assistance.
Configuring the "Set and Forget" Output Options
Without question, this is the most important set of options and the ones that you will need to adjust
whenever you switch video formats on your editing system or video device. We'll cover the four
options that you can "set and forget" first and then focus on the one you'll need to return to when you
switch formats.
 Available Formats — should be set to All
If you set it to Monitor Supported you only be able to select a subset of the video formats
supported by the HP DreamColor LP2480zx monitor. The monitor can lock to not just NTSC and
PAL digital signals, but also all of the high definition systems in SMPTE 274M (for 1080-line
formats) and SMPTE 296M (for 720-line formats). Remember, though, that only true progressive
signals should be sent to the monitor.
 Link Configuration — should be set to RGB 4:4:4
The HP DreamColor LP2480zx monitor must receive an RGB-formatted signal in order to use its
color gamut remapping capabilities. Using either of the other two options will result in the color
gamut remapping circuitry being disabled.
 Frame Rate — should be set to Default
The other options will override the chosen format's frame rate and replace it with the selected rate.
This option is designed for monitors that cannot lock to the correct frame rate. As the HP
DreamColor LP2480zx can lock to these rates, these options are not necessary and will introduce
frame rate conversion artifacts.
 Genlock Reference —should be set to Video Input unless you have a properly-configured tri-
level sync generator connected to both your editing system/video device and the Gefen box
Remember that if you are using a tri-level sync generator, it must be reconfigured to output the
correct sync signal whenever you switch high definition formats. For more information, please see
the tri-level sync generator's manual.
Configuring the Video Output Format Option
Due to the HP DreamColor LP2480zx's requirement that it be fed a true progressive signal, it is very
important that you set the correct output format for each possible input format. We do not recommend
setting this option to Default as it can result in interlaced signals being sent to the monitor.
The following table lists the possible input formats and the output format you should choose from this
menu. Use the table as a reference whenever you switch from one video format to another. Please
note that this table uses the SMPTE 274M/296M naming convention for video formats. This
convention lists the number of active lines, the frame type (progressive or interlaced) and the
frame/field rate. (The line count and frame type are separated from the frame/field rate by a forward
slash.) It is important to understand that this convention uses a frame/field rate instead of just the
frame rate which means that the field rate is used for interlaced formats and the frame rate is used for
progressive formats.
For example, the format 1080i/59.94 means that the format has 1080 active lines (and a frame
size of 1920 x 1080), is interlaced and has a field rate of 59.94 which translates into a frame rate
of 29.97. Similarly, the format 1080p/29.97 means that the format has 1080 active lines, is
progressive and has a frame rate of 29.97. Some video editing applications always report the frame
rate instead of using the SMPTE convention. For this reason we have also included the frame rate in a
separate column. Standard definition input formats are simply named "NTSC" and "PAL," but we use
the format names provided in the Gefen menu for the output formats.
Using the HP DreamColor LP2480zx for professional video applications


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